rounding up the year

A quick roundup of what I did in 2013 before it turns 2014……!!!

Celebrated my third anniversary at work. Was a victim of crime during R&R time on a work trip to Vietnam. (Bag slashed and wallet stolen in a crowded bazaar in Hanoi – kinda traumatizing but thank goodness for travel insurance. Will be more careful in future – NEVER AGAIN!) Encountered new challenges at work, and did my best to meet them, with some success and some improvements to be made. Learnt to be a teeny weeny bit more patient.

Made a few more friends while participating in Liberty Hunt 2013. Ate at a lot of new places and explored quite a few places (old and new!) in Singapore. Went for my first proper holiday since I started working in 2010 (Bali). Started flower arrangement and restarted yoga. Bought my first ever piece of fine art and also other things that I hope to place in my future home someday.

Fashion and beauty
Think I’ve finally arrived at a good place with my wardrobe. (And it’s pretty stuffed, too.) But dressing wise, I’m still falling back on my usual bright coloured or jewel toned top with dark skirt, hmmm…… Bought my first ever piece of fine jewellery. And I realize that personal grooming (or ‘beauty’) takes time, effort and money.

Personal finances
Still a little more way to go before hitting 100k by 26! Got my first ever credit card. (I chose a colourful jellybean design and quite a few cashiers said the card looked really nice!) Took a step towards wealth preservation. But still dithering over investing……

Aims for 2014
In no particular order except maybe the first one!

– 100k by 26!!!

– Start investing proper.

– Have a clearer understanding and get to where I want to, career-wise.

– Start a business or sideline.

– Pursue further studies.

– Restart writing.

– Fill life with as much beauty as possible.

– Continue my 美女计划.

– Dress up a bit more no matter what event and take fashion risks, such as wearing pastel shades, since I almost never.

– Shop less.

– Repair or alter clothes that I don’t wear because they’re not repaired or altered.

– Sleep earlier and more.

– Be more punctual.

– Go for a proper countdown.

– Hold two to three parties.

– Learn more new stuff.

– Take at least one holiday.

– Find love. ♥♥♥


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