minimum wage

On Monday, local sociopolitical news site Breakfast Network posted this on their Facebook page:

A student reporter at NUS gets a glimpse of Prof Tommy Koh’s thoughts on various facets of domestic policy.

On the minimum wage, in particular: ‘His own stance on the matter, though, was this: “Every Singaporean worker, no matter what his or her job, has a right to earn a living wage, so as to be able to live in dignity and material sufficiency.”’

from here

It generated a number of comments, including this one by Day Bit, which I admittedly quite agree with:

Since the government is implementing this progressive wage model which is better than minimum wage (duh) and they are doing something about even before this like subsidising with workfare, GST vouchers etc… I am sure the government is looking after the low wage workers.

What is a living wage? A wage that can set you to live comfortably? Is there really a sum you can be fixed on? It will never be enough. Humans are greedy. Forever asking for more. Just like minimum wage. Everyone is protesting its not enough. What is enough? Everyone is different with different expectations. Some can live with $1k a month. Some cant. . So where should we set the standard of living wage?

Should we set the living wage to $2k a month? if so, what about the rest of the people who are earning that amount who are of higher education? Is it even fair? Alot of questions asked but have anyone thought of the cause and effect of it?

There are many people asking for more money even though they are living quite comfortably. I have heard stories from volunteers during MPS that they have met with cases like this asking for handouts. So tell me how much is enough for not making people asking the G for help? .

Perhaps 10k a month for a start for everyone should be sufficient since everyone’s level of comfort is different?


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