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and love the wind and rain

It’s 11.44 am, I’m sitting at my table, and there is a humongous storm going on. I can hear the rain pouring, wind howling and thunder rumbling. It’s an absolute adventure out there! Too bad I’m stuck at work!


7 reasons the world looks worse than it really is

I found this article, ‘7 Reasons the World Looks Worse Than It Really Is’, a completely refreshing read.  It totally resonated with me……

#7. We Are Only Happy if Other People Aren’t

#6. We Insist on Comparing Our World to an Imaginary One That Exists Only in Our Heads

#5. We Focus on the Negative Byproducts of Wonderful Trends

#4. The Things We Hate and the Things We Aspire to Are the Same Things

#3. We Don’t Recognize That Flaws Are Just Alternatives to Much Worse Flaws

#2. With People More Powerful Than Us, We Only Count the Bad Things They Do

#1. We Want the World to Be Bad Because It Gives Us an Excuse to Withdraw from It

So true, so true! Click here to read the article in full. Everyone should!

2b or not 2b

I don’t know who El Lobo Loco is, but I have been reading his blog, Singapore 2B, for quite some time. He has rather interesting perspectives, and is definitely worth bookmarking. Here’s a sampling of his posts!

On opting for a slower pace of life:

The number of places in the world with low to no growth are plentiful. And most of them have the slower pace of life Singaporeans are clamouring for. And you don’t even have to go far. Batam and Bintan are just an hour away by ferry. Malaysia too. A little further north into Thailand and even Vietnam to some extent are rural societies with Very Slow Pace of Life.

More adventurous? Try Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and hey the Happiest place in the world – Bhutan!

The point is, waiting for PAP to be overthrown and Singapore to slow down is going to take awhile… maybe even a VERY LONG TIME.

You can have your slower pace of life TODAY!

In beautiful Batam, Bintan, Bali, Batu Pahat, Burma (now called Myanmar), and even Bhutan! (Don’t ask me why all these slower paced places start with “B”. Maybe you can try moving to Bedok first and see if it is slower paced or not. Maybe no need to move so far away.)

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I have never taken a formal MBTI assessment, although I vaguely recall doing a simple one at a peer support leaders’ camp way back in secondary school (can’t remember what type I got and it was probably inaccurate anyway, cos teenagers’ preferences are still in flux). So far, I’ve only tried a free online one here. But I think my result was pretty accurate! This paragraph does sum me up quite perfectly……

Frank, decisive, assume leadership readily. Quickly see illogical and inefficient procedures and policies, develop and implement comprehensive systems to solve organizational problems. Enjoy long-term planning and goal setting. Usually well informed, well read, enjoy expanding their knowledge and passing it on to others. Forceful in presenting their ideas.

from here

Especially the penultimate line, ‘Usually well informed, well read, enjoy expanding their knowledge and passing it on to others.’ Once, when we were discussing something over Whatsapp, I gave my friend Zhiqi a URL for further reading, and she commented that I ‘have a link for everything’. Yes, I do consider that praise of the highest order indeed!

you learn something new every day

I came upon an old blog post (published in 2011) of someone I don’t know earlier today. She wrote about visiting Open Door Policy and named the dishes they tried, including a dessert called ‘white chocolate mousse with a raspberry headache’.

Raspberry headache? I had never heard of the term before, so it naturally piqued my curiosity. Googled and unearthed this 2012 blog entry. This blogger had also visited the same restaurant, tried the same dessert, and also wondered about its name. She had googled and then found a century-old article on ‘about raspberry (and other summer fruit) headaches‘. But the best part was her conclusion: ‘Well, well, we learn something new everyday!’

What can I say? Truly, great minds think alike! :D

you learn something new every day

I was editing a travel piece on Iceland this morning. Googled the title and  found out that the country is also known as the Land of Fire and Ice.

Further googling revealed that incidentally, Robert Frost wrote a famous poem titled ‘Fire and Ice‘ (more info here).

shoulder stand

Just finished another course of yoga yesterday (eight sessions in all). When we started on 24 February, I could do shoulder stands only with the assistance of a wall. Then I could enter that pose with a backwards tumble. By the last few lessons,  I could execute that move solely with the power of my abdominals. :D

and so it goes with god

My other favouritest bit of Life of Pi (the first being this one, of course), where the hero Pi recounts his shipwreck survival story to Japanese investigators……

“The Tsimtsum sank on July 2nd, 1977.”


“And I arrived on the coast of Mexico, the sole human survivor of the Tsimtsum, on February 14th, 1978.”

“That’s right.”

“I told you two stories that account for the 227 days in between.”

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i just want to love god

Life of Pi is one of my most favourite books of all time. I used to have a copy, then I lent it to Ahgong and he lost it. (I have also watched the eponymous movie based on the book and enjoyed it immensely.)

This is one of my two favouritest bits of the book, which occurs when a Hindu pandit, Muslim imam and Christian priest confront the hero Pi and his parents on the boy’s multiple religions……

The pandit spoke first. “Mr. Patel, Piscine’s piety is admirable. In these troubled times it’s good to see a boy so keen on God. We all agree on that.” The imam and the priest nodded. “But he can’t be a Hindu, a Christian and a Muslim. It’s impossible. He must choose.”

“I don’t think it’s a crime, but I suppose you’re right,” Father replied.

The three murmured agreement and looked heavenward, as did Father, whence they felt the decision must come. Mother looked at me.

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