2b or not 2b

I don’t know who El Lobo Loco is, but I have been reading his blog, Singapore 2B, for quite some time. He has rather interesting perspectives, and is definitely worth bookmarking. Here’s a sampling of his posts!

On opting for a slower pace of life:

The number of places in the world with low to no growth are plentiful. And most of them have the slower pace of life Singaporeans are clamouring for. And you don’t even have to go far. Batam and Bintan are just an hour away by ferry. Malaysia too. A little further north into Thailand and even Vietnam to some extent are rural societies with Very Slow Pace of Life.

More adventurous? Try Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and hey the Happiest place in the world – Bhutan!

The point is, waiting for PAP to be overthrown and Singapore to slow down is going to take awhile… maybe even a VERY LONG TIME.

You can have your slower pace of life TODAY!

In beautiful Batam, Bintan, Bali, Batu Pahat, Burma (now called Myanmar), and even Bhutan! (Don’t ask me why all these slower paced places start with “B”. Maybe you can try moving to Bedok first and see if it is slower paced or not. Maybe no need to move so far away.)

On the Anton Casey incident (his post echoes my thoughts perfectly!):

To consider being called “poor” as an insult, we have to share the same values as the insulter – that is, we have to also believe that it is a shame to be poor, that it is an insult to be poor, that it is a sign of some personal failing to be poor, and that if someone calls us “poor”, we would consider it an insult.

In our anger against Anton Casey, who we are truly angry with is ourselves. We see our arrogance reflected in him. We hear the warped values he voiced whispered within us. We feel ashamed of our disdain for poor people, for foreign workers, for our domestic helpers, for the bent-over old person collecting cans or cardboard. Because we believe as Anton Casey does, that these poor people are poor because of some personal failing on their part.

On the tension between democracy and meritocracy (I particularly like this piece!):

Here’s a mind-boggling idea (or not):

Democracy is the natural enemy of Meritocracy.

The rest of the post is long. Maybe too long. So here’s the summary:

Meritocracy is the selection of a candidate based on ability or merit. Democracy is the election of candidates based on popularity. Ergo, Democracy, if not the enemy of Meritocracy, is not compatible with Meritocracy.


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