the time to begin is now

With regard to personal finance, I focused solely on saving money aggressively in the past couple of years, even though I kept resolving to read up on investments and growing my wealth. But I just lacked the motivation to do so.

Somehow, when 2014 came, and I realized I was getting really close to my 100k by 26 goal, my mindset began to change. I started to read blogs and forums on finance. Decided to give myself a year to figure out all the basics.

Meanwhile, I put some of my savings in one fixed deposit account in March and another in May, so that my money could earn a little more interest than in a normal savings account. One of my fixed deposits will mature in November.  Excited and looking forward to that day!

I’ve also gone for a few seminars on the topic. Yesterday afternoon, I attended a young investors’ forum (organized by the Securities Investors Association (Singapore) as part of their annual Singapore Investment Week), which finally provided me with the impetus to embark on my journey of wealth accumulation. No longer will I procrastinate! And so, here I go……


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