none of them can be proven scientifically

Way back in 2006 (almost a lifetime ago!), local blogger Mr Wang wrote about delivering a speech on youth empowerment. In his blog post, he reflected on his speech, and ‘realised that if it had failed in some way, then a good explanation for its failure lies, once again, in Myers-Briggs (it’s uncanny the number of things Myers-Briggs can explain things)’.

He felt that it was because his MBTI personality type was INTJ, so his speech ‘turned out to be a classic reflection of the INTJ’s thinking patterns’. As an INTJ, he believed that it is possible to achieve great things, and constantly expect great things to be achieved. But few people are INTJs, and thus ‘there seemed to be students who seemed sceptical when (he) told them that they could achieve great things’.

That blog entry generated quite a number of comments, many about the MBTI. And I like this comment, by an unknown Anonymous, best of all:

Indeed there are some who regard Carl Jung as an idiot. Others regard him as the father of modern psychology.

I guess God, MBTI and the everyday phenomenon of falling in love have one thing in common. None of them can be proven scientifically.

(In another comment, freud’s friend writes: ‘Whenever you see big changes happening, there’s a good chance that an INTJ is there somewhere. Or an ENTJ. These two types are the Gods of Change in the MBTI system.’ Yes, dear reader…… I am an ENTJ! :D)

And personality tests continue to fascinate me.


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