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the last lap

An update on my 100k by 26 goal: less than 5k to go!!!!!!


when the boss is coming……

Today’s Google Doodle is super cute and funny!

gd 230614

Try to squeeze in some football during your office meeting, but watch out!

from here

When the boss is coming…… flip the channel quickly! Also, notice that both graphs are showing downward trends? A consequence of the World Cup? Though to be fair, I guess this occurs in offices everywhere, even without the globe’s biggest single-event sporting competition going on!!! :P

counting down the months

11 months have flown past!!! One more month to go!!! :D

the beautiful game

I knew the World Cup was going to start sometime in June but I had no idea that it was going to start TOMORROW (well, at 4 am local time tonight really) until I saw the Google Doodle today!

Not that it really mattered in the least, since my interest in football is basically close to zero……

i’m an entj, destroyer of worlds

I know this is supposed to be a satire (it’s The Onion after all!), but at the heart of every satire is a grain of truth……

Of course, no ENTJs are exactly alike. Sure, we all like to talk. We like to be the boss. We can all move through the universe unrestrained by any law of physics and treat every so-called heavenly body as a mere plaything worth but moments of our attention. But just because I plunge my fist through a planet doesn’t mean that every single ENTJ is going to follow suit. We’re extraverted, intuitive, and nearly omnipotent, not clones.

If you’ve never taken the Myers-Briggs test, you should definitely do it. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and the people around you. And if you end up an ENTJ, welcome to the club!

If not, you will kneel.

Read Sara Alford’s humorous article, ‘I’m An ENTJ, Destroyer Of Worlds’, here!

a markedly different perspective

While writing my previous entry about Goh Lay Kuan’s interview with the Straits Times (ST), I googled to see if anyone else had shared their thoughts on it, and came across this post, penned by Kampong Academic. While the ST interview was relatively benign, Kampong Academic reveals a markedly different perspective of Goh.

I also read through some of the other pieces on Kampong Academic’s blog, Unravelling 1987 – which is, as I guessed correctly, named after the ‘Marxist conspiracy’ arrests of 1987. Overall, his site is pretty interesting and definitely worth a visit.

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