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the grand budapest hotel

I enjoyed comedy film The Grand Budapest Hotel (though I disliked the ending, which was too Life Is Beautiful for my tastes) and was therefore quite amused to see this article in the Telegraph:

At the time of writing, the Grand Budapest Hotel was rated 1 of 1 hotels in The Republic of Zubrowka, having received 46 reviews which described it as “excellent” and only five that found it “terrible”.

Someone calling himself TheSamSolomon said: “My only complaint is the staff seem to be living in a different century- no one could find me an iPhone lightning cable nor did they know what an iPhone was. Also, the internet connection was almost non-existent. Zero was a great help though and he had many great ideas, he seemed a little bit deluded at time. But that must be the altitude.”

Click here to read the article, and click here to read the TripAdvisor reviews on this amazing institution! :D


visiting the banks

I’d been using POSB’s MySavings Account (MSA) to pay myself first since I started working way back in 2010. Then in March this year, I switched to a variant of this scheme, eMSA (which was available for only a limited period), as the interest rates were slightly better.

But then, over the past few months, as I started my journey of growing wealth, I began to realize that I didn’t really need this special account anymore as I had the discipline to do it myself. Also, because I kept withdrawing funds from it, so the remaining money earned very low interest.

So early afternoon last Saturday (19 July) I popped by the nearby POSB branch to close my eMSA account, and informed the teller that it was because I had outgrown it. I had already transferred everything inside to my normal POSB account, but to the greatest amusement of both the teller and me, there was actually still $0.02 in interest left.

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hong kong loves weird english names

Devil. Whale. Chlorophyll, Violante, Treacle — you name it, Hong Kong probably has someone who goes by it. The former British colony is obsessed with weird English names.

Unusual appellations have been found on people of all kinds. The secretary for justice is Rimsky Yuen and the previous secretary for food and health was York Chow. Among celebrities, there is a Fanny Sit, Moses Chan, and Dodo Cheng. Models? We have a Vibeke, Bambi, Dada, and Vonnie. But lawyers take the prize. There is a Magnum, John Baptist, Ludwig, Ignatius, Bunny and four — yes, four — Benedicts.

Odd names make for odder situations. Last July, police arrested a woman named Ice Wong with 460 grams of ice — the drug, not frozen water. Months earlier, the law caught up with Devil Law when he was brought before a judge for drug possession and crashing his car into a bus. In 2010, a woman called Cash Leung was jailed for paying cabbies with fake cash.

I agree that most of the monikers that the writer mentioned are pretty peculiar, but why ‘Moses’ or ‘Benedict’? Anyhow, check out other unusual English names that Hong Kongers gives themselves here!

his friends know him as petroswickonicovick

Then there is Petroswickonicovick Wandeckerkof da Silva Santos, a 12-year-old soccer prodigy who has begun training with Corinthians, one of Brazil’s leading teams. Even in a country flooded with amazing names, his 19-letter first name and 12-letter middle name have raised eyebrows.

The boy said it took him awhile to learn how to pronounce his own name. His father, José Ivanildo dos Santos, a soccer coach, has been repeatedly questioned about the choice.

“The woman at the notary public’s office thought it was terrible and called me crazy,” Mr. dos Santos said in a televised interview. “But I told her I’d name my son my way.”

Read about the weird and wondrous variety of Brazilian names here!



The cube of 3 is 27, of course…… :D

Pistachio Symphony cake from The Patissier – pricey but worth every cent!!! 


Yesterday I was 26 and today I begin my 28th revolution around the sun. :)

counting down the days

Five more days to go!!! :D

counting down the days

Ten more days to go!!! :D

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