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cheap and good hairstyling

Took the afternoon off to cut my hair. Went to my usual salon, the Kimage branch at Funan DigitaLife. The lady at the front counter asked me if I wanted a junior stylist ($23) or a senior one ($40). As I was feeling a bit broke, I naturally answered the former, but she informed me that there weren’t any available, and suggested I try the Kimage Hairdressing School a few floors above.

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my very first dividend

Just checked my Phillip POEMS portfolio, and realized that my modest holdings in a Straits Times ETF just earned a dividend…… the princely sum of $9.55 (after deducting a dividend charge of $1.07)!!!

(Incidentally, dividends will be reinvested automatically – that’s one good thing about Phillip’s Share Builders Plan.)

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…… This is really exciting! My very first dividend! And hopefully there will be many more to come!!! :D

arrange by colour

Israel is 以色列 (Yiselie) in Chinese. 以 (yi) can mean ‘by’; 色 (se), ‘colour’; and 列 (lie), ‘arrange’.

The very first time I encountered the term ‘以色列’ was in a cloze passage from a Chinese exam paper in primary school. I did not realize that it referred to a country and simply thought that it meant ‘arrange by colour’. Which did puzzle me a little bit, as that intepretation did not seem to fit into the context of the entire sentence. I only found out what it was quite some time later. :)

first foray into investing

After to-ing and fro-ing with Phillip Securities (and the Singapore Exchange, to a lesser extent) for about one and a half months, I finally got my CDP and POEMS accounts successfully set up. And so, my Share Builders Plan, tagged to my POEMS account, finally made its first purchase of two blue chips on the 18th of last month.

Like most other newbie investors, I would check my portfolio religiously – every other day or so. And I would feel a frisson of pleasure when the prices had risen, which meant that I was sitting on a small (although unrealized) amount of profit.

Two Wednesdays ago (6 August), I signed into my account and saw, for the very first time ever, that the prices of both stocks had fallen. My portfolio was worth less than what I had originally invested in it! Although it was merely a slight paper loss, I still felt a twinge of panic, before recovering quickly.

Well, this is the nature of investing…… There may be price fluctuations in the short term, but hopefully, a stock’s value will go up and up and up in the long run. And I need to develop the right mindset to deal with these situations.

All right, back to reading financial websites. :)

in a land of homemade names, tiffany doesn’t cut it

Hatred got his name the way millions of other children here have — as a means of recording an event, a circumstance or even the weather conditions that accompanied their births.

“For instance, if it was windy, the name may be Wind. If it was rainy, it may be Rain,” said Matole Motshekga, the founder of the Kara Heritage Institute, based in Pretoria. “If there are problems in the family, they will use the appropriate name. So you cannot just name someone out of the blue. It has to relate to something.”

Thus a Zimbabwean baby born to parents who had spent years trying to start a family might be named Tendai, which expresses thankfulness, and a child born in a time of troubles may be named Tambudzai, which literally means no rest.

Or, just as likely these days, a baby will be named Givethanks or Norest. If a Sotho-speaking girl becomes pregnant before marriage, her unhappy parents may name the baby Question or Answer — an answer to the question of why their daughter was behaving so strangely before the pregnancy became known.

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a metaphor for our time

A metaphor for our time, perhaps…… or maybe not?






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