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you learn something new every day

Just found out that before salt and pepper shakers, there were salt cellars (used with salt spoons) and nefs.



Happy Midautumn Festival, everyone! The moon is beautiful tonight…… :)

saving $100k by 30

On 7 July last year, the Straits Times published an article titled ‘Is it possible to have $100k by 30?‘ As I was pursuing my 100k by 26 goal at that time, the headline immediately piqued my interest to read on. In his report, journalist Jonathan Kwok made a few assumptions and calculations and declared that it was completely possible. I recall reading plenty of sceptical and cynical responses to his piece online.

Some time later, I stumbled upon two local finance bloggers who also wrote about Kwok’s article (Cheerfulegg and Investment Moats). Each proposed their own set of assumptions and calculations, and also concluded that saving $100k by 30 was indeed possible.

(Incidentally, I recently came across a rather interesting post at Singapore 2B – on how to save $400 000 in 60 years.)

And as for my take on this……

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achievement unlocked

Have never been prouder or gladder to say…… as of 31 August, 100K BY 26: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!!!!!!!

As previously mentioned, shortly after I started my working life in December 2010, I set myself three financial goals:

10k by 24
100k by 25
1000k by 26

To make them more challenging, I decided that I would not be counting my CPF monies.

The first goal was reasonably simple to realize. All I did was save close to 60% of my monthly salary (after the 20% CPF deduction) and stay home every weekend. (My mum actually asked me a couple of times why I didn’t go out.) And seven months later, in July 2011, I turned 24 and hit $10k.

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