achievement unlocked

Have never been prouder or gladder to say…… as of 31 August, 100K BY 26: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!!!!!!!

As previously mentioned, shortly after I started my working life in December 2010, I set myself three financial goals:

10k by 24
100k by 25
1000k by 26

To make them more challenging, I decided that I would not be counting my CPF monies.

The first goal was reasonably simple to realize. All I did was save close to 60% of my monthly salary (after the 20% CPF deduction) and stay home every weekend. (My mum actually asked me a couple of times why I didn’t go out.) And seven months later, in July 2011, I turned 24 and hit $10k.

The second goal was slightly harder to accomplish. So I worked hard (and hopefully smart as well), and received pay raises every year. (I am now earning 40% more than I did when I first started working.) But although I had always been saving about 60% of my gross monthly salary (as stated above), somehow it wasn’t enough.

Then in March last year, my parents officially transferred to me an endowment policy that they had bought for me in 1991, and I have been paying the monthly premiums ever since. Thus I was indeed closer to my destination, but there was still some way to go.

So when I turned 26 in July last year, I decided to revise my goals to

100k by 26
1000k by 27

Although I was still unable to reach my six-figure target when I turned 27 in July this year, I decided not to make any further revisions as I was merely a couple of thousand dollars away from it.

And then…… I finally achieved $100k on 31 August! Although I was actually 27 years and one month old then, I think nobody will begrudge me if I declare: ‘100k by 26: achievement unlocked’!!!

(In addition to giving me an endowment policy, my parents had paid my university fees. I do acknowledge that they certainly helped me attain my goals much more quickly, but would like to emphasize that the majority of what I have now was due to my own hard work and diligent saving.)

Accumulating a reasonably large sum of money (whether in a short or long time) is truly a transformative journey. I don’t think I’ll ever look at life the same way ever again……

And now, for my third and last goal…… 1000k by 27! I have no idea how I’m going to get there just yet, but I’m sure it will involve a paradigm shift of sorts in my thinking! So…… just watch this space!!! :D


10 Responses to “achievement unlocked”

  1. 1 Kyith Monday, 8 September, 2014 at 7:11 am

    goodness your goals to me look not achievable. if you set goals like that it does not pull you along. it sets you up for emotional failure.

    map a more realistic 10 year conservative goal. anything more is a bonus.

    and don’t keep in your home. you are accumulating wealth assets, but you are losing your human capital.

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