looking back on the year

A review of what I did in 2014……!!! (Text in italics were the aims I had set for this year at the end of the last.)

Tried to go out every weekend instead of cooping up at home. Met up with friends regularly. Ate at a lot of new places (sometimes with friends, sometimes alone), yum! That included trying a high tea buffet at a hotel for the first time in my life (with Joanne and Serena).

– Pursue further studies.
Did not do so, may postpone this to after I achieve 1000k by 27.

– Sleep earlier and more.
Was more successful in the first half of the year, and managed to go to bed by 1.30 am for some time. But deproved by quite a bit recently.

– Be more punctual.
Some improvement shown. (Sometimes, the problem of being early or on time is that your friends are terribly late!) But was still late (more than 15 minutes, in my book) for maybe around 50% of the time. Shall improve!

– Go for a proper countdown.
Did not. I should, though! (But am going to a New Year’s Eve party at Joanne’s place later!)

– Hold two to three parties.
Did not. Was too lazy to organize. :P I should, though!

– Find love. ♥♥♥
Did not. :( Maybe I should try online dating next year? :/

Went for a couple of atas flower arrangement classes at Shop Wonderland. Also did yoga once every week for the entire year. Also went for a few exhibitions, and particularly enjoyed the Affordable Art Fair. And went for my first ever concert, Budak Pantai’s The Final Countdown at the Esplanade!

– Restart writing.
Did not really do so, except in this blog. Will write more frequently, especially creatively.

– Fill life with as much beauty as possible.
Wasn’t really sure what this one entailed! :P Well, I did flower arrangements for both home and office.

My study is pretty messy so I shall finally attempt to tackle it next year! Have been putting this off for far too long! :P

– Learn more new stuff.
Attended two WSQ courses at Carrie Academy: providing advice on apparel and footwear, more for enhancing knowledge than changing industries. (But who knows?) Would love to attend their courses on makeup.

– Take at least one holiday.
Did not. I wrote out a bucket list of places I would like to visit. Maybe I should start crossing them off next year.

Personal finances
I cancelled my investment-linked insurance policy after paying for it for three months, was enlightened, met up with no fewer than five insurance agents, and switched to a term one sometime later. (BTITR – Buy Term and Invest the Rest, people!) Also attended financial seminars to learn more on investing. Spent about 15% this year than last (mainly because of one particular item, see Fashion and beauty below)…… need to control expenditure more.

– 100k by 26!!!
Achieved in August. Now for 1000k by 27!!!

– Start investing proper.
Started investing in a couple of counters via dollar cost averaging. Meanwhile, SGX will be reducing board lot size from 1000 to 100 on 19 January. That’s less than a month away. Really looking forward to it!

– Start a business or sideline.
Did not. Unless one counts my passive income as a sideline!

A relatively placid year for the most part, with new responsibilities and challenges, until close to the end of the year. A member of the team changed departments, and then I gained a new colleague. Celebrated my fourth anniversary at this job in the middle of some unhappiness, which of course I am too circumspect to share here.

– Have a clearer understanding and get to where I want to, career-wise.
I think it’s time to find my next great adventure. Wish me luck!

Fashion and beauty
My wardrobe is in a great place right now. In fact, I just reorganized it a few days ago. Many of my clothes and accessories still lie unworn around my room…… Need to wear them more frequently! Bought my second piece of fine jewellery this year.

– Continue my 美女计划.
I actually set reminders on my smartphone so that I would remember to go for regular trimming and threading sessions. Tried to wear makeup when leaving the house for work and play. Beauty definitely takes work!

– Dress up a bit more no matter what event and take fashion risks, such as wearing pastel shades, since I almost never.
I started recording my daily outfits at the end of January, it’s quite fun to flip through the pages and see what I wore. Yes, I think I dressed up a bit more. And yes, I wore pastels. Didn’t always fall back on I’m still falling back on my usual bright coloured top with dark skirt combination for work. I wore outfits like a light pink blouse with a light blue floral print skirt. Next year, I would like to strengthen my personal style.

– Shop less. 
Not counting the pieces of fine jewellery I bought this year and last year, I actually spent much less on normal clothes, shoes and accessories this year!

– Mend or alter clothes that I don’t wear because they’re not mended or altered.
Did so. But still have more to repair or alter! :P

Oh but I am pleased to say that I did not spoil any umbrellas this year, but unfortunately lost one somewhere.

Aims for 2015
Continuing most of the old goals from 2014 and adding a few new ones. In no particular order except maybe the first one!

– 1000k by 27!!!

– Learn more about various financial instruments and put this knowledge into practice.

– Seek greener pastures in a different industry.

– Start a business or sideline.

– Keep my expenditure to $1200 a month.

– Restart writing, and blog at least once a week.

– Fill life with as much beauty as possible.

– Clear and beautify my study.

– Continue my 美女计划.

– Strengthen personal style.

– Wear all my clothes more often and refrain from repeating the same outfits too regularly.

– Repair or alter clothes that I don’t wear because they’re not repaired or altered.

– Sleep earlier and more.

– Be more punctual.

– Go for a proper countdown.

– Hold two parties.

– Learn more new stuff.

– Learn how to meditate.

– Take at least one holiday to a place on my bucket list.

– Find love. ♥♥♥

– Be the best person I can be!

(I have also started on a Top Secret Personal Project. If all goes well, I may share it here.)

To 2015!!!

And now I have to go…… my party awaits!!! :D


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