aloha anaphora

One of my friends, B, who teaches at a top secondary school, posted this on Facebook on 6 January:

exasperatedly, I asked my class how come they’ve forgotten so many of the rhetorical devices we’ve taught them almost every year for three years now:

“Remember metaphors? Anaphora?”

Boy: “Huh? I only know Sephora.”

(Incidentally, while I did learn about metaphors in secondary school, I only learnt about anaphora in university……!)

It generated about 100 likes and the following comments:

Person 1: I know Amphora!


Person 3: i know Nymphadora

Person 4: Anacoluthon? I hardly know ‘er.

Person 5: at least not anaconda

Person 6: Sephora….. omg.. if it is me, I will strangle them…

Person 7: Anal flora

Person 8: Slaaaaay

Person 9: Fedora?

Person 10: Legend of Korra

Person 5:  my anaphora don’t want none unless you got puns hun


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