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red packets

Well wishes from friend Gabriel via Facebook a week ago on 19 February:
May you find a husband and give me red Packets next year
Haha so sweet! :)

you learn something new every day

While editing an article at work today, I was searching for a synonym for experience, and somehow bumped into apologue – which I had never seen before. Alas, it was not the right word I had been seeking!

you learn something new every day

I was looking at the designs of the hongbaos that I received this year, and noticed that one with blossoms (peach? cherry? plum? they all look alike!) was from Citibank – which is called 花旗银行 in Chinese!


Visited my friend Joanne, ate lots of nice food, learnt how to play baccarat, and my wallet was $5 lighter after the game ended a few hours later. :D


Went to eldest uncle’s house, parents played mahjong with the older folks, I played blackjack and in between with the younger ones, a whole group of us trooped to eldest uncle’s daughter’s house nearby to see her family’s new cat (an orange tom called Waffle), cat was pretty scared to see so many strange faces, lazed around for a couple of hours, went back to eldest uncle’s house, then play more blackjack and in between, and finally emerged with my wallet about $30 lighter close to midnight!


And the Year of the Goat (or Ram or Sheep) is finally upon us!!! Have a great and prosperous Chinese New Year!!! Mehhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :D

the very hungry caterpillars

About three more days to Chinese New Year, but my family has nearly finished our entire stash of festive goodies: pineapple tarts, cookies and our aunt’s cashew nuts! Only two pineapple tarts, a handful of love letters, and an unopened container of cookies are left…… oh and some bak kwa hidden deep in the freezer and safely away from the very hungry caterpillars!!! :D

buying my first official lot (broker-assisted)

Early this month, I (temporarily) deactivated my Phillip Share Builders Plan. Then yesterday afternoon, sometime after 1 pm, I noticed that one of the share counters I was looking at, DBS, had dropped to a reasonable price. So I called one of my brokers and purchased one lot. It was a swift but exciting affair! And now, I’m looking forward to buying my first lot on my own via one of the online platforms!

jack and jill

On 29 January, my friend K wrote this on his Facebook wall:

Nangka is jackfruit.
Chempedak is _________ ?

Naturally, I replied, ‘jillfruit!!! :P’

china’s crime-free crime films

At least half of Hong Kong movies today are co-produced with mainland organizations, and screenwriters here are also having to toe the Beijing line. “That’s why we usually make ‘ancient swordsman’ films, or stories that happen in the period before the founding of the New China,” the Hong Kong screenwriter explained. He meant that you can show something negative in mainland China only so long as it happened before the Communist revolution in 1949 — but be careful not to portray that period as a golden era, because for that you might get censored.

Can a good story be written under such conditions? It’s difficult. Some screenwriters have managed through cunning: One director squeaked a crime movie set in Hong Kong past the censors after claiming the action took place before the transfer in 1997, while the territory was still under the rule of those evil Brits.

I found this article on the Middle Kingdom’s film industry both sad and amusing. Click here to read ‘China’s Crime-Free Crime Films’!

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