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Dreams that do come true can be as unsettling as those that don’t.

Brett Butler, Knee Deep in Paradise


50 shades of grey

The haze is horrific today! During daylight, you could see that everything outside was tinged with a mist of grey. Closing the windows helps a little, but the foul air is still able to seep in through cracks…… It’s 8.30 pm now, and as of 8 pm the PSI reading for the entire island ranged from 215 to 263……

jewel in the crown

Is it just me or did the annual Formula One (F1) night race appear out of the blue this year? Were we all majorly distracted by the General Election? There seemed to be no sound or fury for the longest time, then hey, F1 is this weekend!

how to fix the opposition

Just read this blog post and I thought this comment (by a certain ‘Hard Truths’) was gold……!

Let us start from the bottom of the list you have provided:
Reform Party [“Singaporeans are stupid”]:: The irony is that the biggest xenophobe of all, Kenneth Jeyaratnam’s, father was an FT (Sri Lanka) and his wife and son are FT (UK). Gilbert Goh, whose wife and daughter are FT (Australia) becomes the xenophobe-in-chief of RP. However KJ and his party’s biggest short fall is that they question Singaporeans’ intelligence. What was KJ thinking when he put Ravi and Roy (whom Ravi accused of swindling money in public) in a team to take on the PM? Singaporean voters paid back by booting out RP with the lowest vote share.

+ How to fix RP:: Not possible, just windup so that Andy Zhu can attend his phone calls anytime

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an alternate universe

Something I read during the election campaigning period, written by a certain Andrew Chia on his Facebook page……

Woke up on 12 Sep 2015

Saw the news notification on my iPhone: “History in the making: PAP lost all 89 seats to opposition parties.”

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the day after

So after my counting agent duties ended around 11 pm last night, I rushed home, only to realize they were still announcing the sample counts! A while later, the actual results came trickling in slowly, waves of white one after another….. even recapturing Punggol East. Hougang stays blue. At 1.30 am, it was announced that a recount for Aljunied was underway. More results. Finally, about ten past three in the morning, it was official: Aljunied will remain blue too. The People’s Action Party (PAP) won 83 out of 89 seats with 69.86% of votes. (And the Workers’ Party took the other six seats.) Definitely a freak election result even by PAP’s expectations!

And next, the Opposition’s response. As my friend Zhi Yang posted on Facebook, ‘Who will quit? Who will change party? Who will break off to start new ones? Let the game of musical chairs begin once more.’

polling day

Dusk is falling, and there’s about an hour to go before polling ends……

Channel NewsAsia has just said: ‘According to the Elections Department, as of 5pm, 2,085,676 out of 2.46 million Singaporeans expected to head to the polls for the country’s 12th General Election have turned up to cast their votes.’

Getting ready to go to the counting centre for my counting agent duties!

polling day

Took less than ten minutes to cast my vote and left the polling centre around 2.35 pm. Polling ending in about three more hours. I should take a nap before I go for my counting agent duties!

polling day

Channel NewsAsia has just updated their article to say: ‘According to the Elections Department, as of 12pm, 1,153,570 out of 2.46 million Singaporeans expected to head to the polls for the country’s 12th General Election, have turned up to cast their votes.’ It’s now ten past one! An hour since I wrote my previous blog post! All right, I really need to get a move on!

polling day

Polling has been in full swing since 8 am this morning and will go on till 8 pm tonight. According to a Channel NewsAsia report, there are 832 polling stations all over Singapore, and 532,590 out of 2.46 million eligible voters have already done their national duty as of 10 am today. Such early birds!

It’s ten past noon now. I actually woke up not too long ago, and will probably go vote soon. On to lunch, a bit of waiting, and then counting agent duties beckon!

cooling-off day

This afternoon, I finally concluded that I should volunteer to be a counting agent at Polling Day tomorrow. It was a pretty last minute decision! (When I told my friends SY and Daph via Whatsapp, the former replied, ‘Thanks for contributing to our democracy’.) Quickly dropped NSP an email, and a couple of hours later, they replied and asked me to come down to their office anytime from then.

So earlier this evening, I bussed down to their headquarters to sign up. Had to wait more than an hour for their lawyer to come back because he had apparently gone to Macpherson for something. He was so cute! After I had finally sworn my oath, I asked, ‘Are you doing this pro bono?’ And he responded, ‘Yes, and so are you!’ I gave him a slightly sad look :( and said, ‘But I’m not a lawyer!’ He smiled in reply.

rally roundup

I attended my very few couple of election rallies in 2006, although I couldn’t vote yet. When I could finally do so in 2011, I didn’t attend a single rally.

This time around, the rally of rallies ended tonight, as it is Cooling-Off Day tomorrow! I attended five rallies all over the island in total:

  1. 4 September: Toa Payoh Stadium (Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC), Singapore People’s Party
  2. 5 September: field in front of Block 895A Tampines Street 81 (Tampines GRC), National Solidarity Party
  3. 6 September: Jurong East Stadium (Yuhua SMC), Singapore Democratic Party
  4. 8 September: field of Ngee Ann Secondary School (Tampines GRC), People’s Action Party
  5. 9 September: Bedok Stadium (East Coast GRC), Workers’ Party (which was just now!

Since all the rallies were livestreamed on a few sites, there was no need to actually go down to the venues, unless you wanted to soak in the atmosphere. After attending these rallies, I must say that I wasn’t very impressed by what I had heard. In any case, I agree that rallies preach to the converted. So maybe next election (in 2019? 2020?), I will probably sit them out. :P

flurry mcflurry

I tried a McFlurry for the very first time in my life this afternoon. (If I recall correctly, McDonald’s introduced introduced it here when I was in upper primary school.) They had a few special flavours, but I decided on their standard Oreo McFlurry. The ice cream was light and airy, and not very sweet. I wondered if they used the same ice cream as the one in their chocolate and strawberry sundaes, just with more air incorporated – but then perhaps not, since the McFlurry ice cream tasted a little different. And the crumbled Oreos added a nice crunch. In all, not too bad, but I’d rather waste my calories on other desserts instead!


About five more days to Polling Day. I don’t remember the hustings in past years being this intense – the amount of vitriol spilled everywhere is simply TOO DAMN HIGH!

nomination day

It was Nomination Day today. Despite my original apprehension, I was avidly following all the events at all the nine nomination centres (all schools!) islandwide on social media. Expect plenty of rallies in the next two weeks!

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