how to fix the opposition

Just read this blog post and I thought this comment (by a certain ‘Hard Truths’) was gold……!

Let us start from the bottom of the list you have provided:
Reform Party [“Singaporeans are stupid”]:: The irony is that the biggest xenophobe of all, Kenneth Jeyaratnam’s, father was an FT (Sri Lanka) and his wife and son are FT (UK). Gilbert Goh, whose wife and daughter are FT (Australia) becomes the xenophobe-in-chief of RP. However KJ and his party’s biggest short fall is that they question Singaporeans’ intelligence. What was KJ thinking when he put Ravi and Roy (whom Ravi accused of swindling money in public) in a team to take on the PM? Singaporean voters paid back by booting out RP with the lowest vote share.

+ How to fix RP:: Not possible, just windup so that Andy Zhu can attend his phone calls anytime

SingFirst [“Elections First”]:: Back to this elections, the most vocal xenophobe, who almost sounded like Hitler blaming foreigners for everything that is wrong, got what he deserved. The migrant society of Singapore (including new citizens who immigrated 100+ years back) paid him back by booting SF. And of course, a dead Lee Kwan Yew is more powerful than 2 GRC full of big mouths. RP and SF will be a good case study for anyone who wants to run the next election campaign on xenophobia. The good thing, in just one election they have changed the meaning of {New Citizens} from {Pariah} to {King Maker}.

+ How to fix SF:: No fix needed. Perennially addicted to standing in elections, I expect him to shortly suspend or disband SF, and start working on the next Presidential Election. If that also doesn’t work, not to worry, he will then come back in GE2020. We will discuss on how to fix SF then.

Peoples Power Party [“A temporary pause between GE2011 and GE2020”]:: Put together a party few weeks before the election, no rallies, no walking the ground and what did he expect? Become the PM of Singapore? What a sheer waste of his own resources. Post-election he is now asking around for money to which someone responded ‘Who do you think you are? Roy Ngerng?’ That sums it all.

+ How to fix PPP:: No fix required. Goh Meng Seng will shortly disband PPP and move on to SDA. After all, as a matter of principle he changes party after every election, earning him the title of Political Veteran, and very few parties are left.

National Solidarity Party [“We have a cupboard full of Secretary Generals and short white dresses”]:: They have changed more Secretary Generals than most people change underwear. Add the flip flop, fight with WP, Kevryn Lim’s initial appearance in her short dresses before reappearing as a sobbing single mother (not that anything wrong with her initial dress, but the stupidity is failing to understand how prudish Singaporeans are), the past history of its leadership and the smearing that came with it, and then go on to insult all mothers in Singapore possibly including the candidates own mother. That is a recipe for disaster and the vote count shows.

+ How to fix NSP:: Wind up

SDA [“Harminder Pal Singh is the new Harbans Singh and Desmond Lim is, well, Desmond Lim”]:: But again, perennially addicted to standing in elections, and funded by some mysterious sources, they are in for the long run as a minor irritant. The less discussed, the better.

+ How to fix SDA:: Why in the world would anyone want to fix this? Singapore needs a joker in the pack.

Singapore Peoples Party [“Mrs. Chiam is no Mr. Chiam”]:: Mr. Chiam’s charisma can only last that much. Welcoming party hoppers like Mrs. Aruldoss and Mr. Philemon killed SPP faster. Their future as a standalone party is bleak and any hope is linked to SDP.

+ How to fix SPP:: Read on.

Singapore Democratic Party [“Dr. Chee is a liability”]:: It is now clear that Singaporeans will never forgive Dr. Chee, and the blot on his character will stay forever as the vote share of his GRC dipped even when he stood against a weakened Dr. Balakrishnan. After a fairer MSM putting Dr. Chee’s picture in the front page, after televised debates, after multiple rallies, SDP did not make it and in fact lost overall vote share. A new leadership is what SDP needs. Dr. Chee must stepdown graciously after SDP failing to win elections for 2 decades under his leadership and instead of getting backstabbed by his own party, completing the circle of life.

+ How to fix SDP: I would suggest that Dr. Chee steps down, merge SDP and SPP quickly (let us be honest, Mr. Chiam is running out of time) and make Mr. Chiam as emeritus-SG, Mrs. Chiam as Chairman, and Dr. Tambayah as the SG.

Workers Party [“Time to be a Working Party or in the next election it will be a Wasted Party”]:: Looking at the first set of reactions by Mr. Low and Ms. Lim after elections, WP hasn’t learnt anything. It is high time for them to look at their subpar performance and arrogance in parliament, AHPETC (soon to be AH TC) saga, mistreating other opposition parties, association with Alternate Media, and a long list of issues. The one sided reporting of TheOnlineCitizen and the high level of insensitive comments that were never moderated, insulting everything that is not pro-WP, seems to have scared a lot of Singaporeans on what will happen to the country if WP comes to power, thinking TOC is the mouthpiece of WP. TOC’s support of Amos Yee, a boy who has been spewing vulgar language, resulted in WP indirectly getting linked to Amos, and has too done the damage.

+ How to fix WP: Go back to the Hougang routes. Ms. Lim (lost her ward), Mr. Singh (arrogance) and Mr. Chen (silence) to be demoted and Mr. Low takes full charge of the party. Do a forensic accounting of AHPETC at the earliest, before PAP does (and they will do closer to next election anyway) and come clean if something is wrong, saying that WP were new and made some mistake. Run TC close to heart. Even you will agree that we need immigration, but the right kind of immigrants, so stop flip flopping and take a clear stance on immigration, by discouraging xenophobia and by proposing a scheme to enhance the immigration procedures. Nominate Leon Perara and Mohammed Fairoz Shariff (Mohammed Faisal never opens his mouth, he just stands in the background with a puzzled look). Time for WP to let another Malay to speak on behalf of their community) as two of the NCMP. Say no to Nicole Seah right now who is sending feelers clearly showing that WP is not a place for party hoppers based on the drubbing of party hoppers like TJS, GMS, Mr. Philemon and Ms. Aruldoss.

Opposition Parties [“We are United front”]:: For a bright future of Singapore needs less not more. Singapore needs a maximum of 3 parties. PAP and WP are the first two. The next one should be a merger of SDP, SPP and some good people from the other opposition parties. And RP, SF, PPP must disappear. SDA can remain to provide comic relief.

+ How to fix Opposition: Opposition should campaign for Singapore to be divided into 30 GRC’s of 3 candidates each, one of them being a minority candidate. Any party that scores less than 10% of national votes in a GE must be disbanded. Once a new party is registered, they should not be allowed to contest for 1 election term to ensure they have long term plans. This will allow a more realistic and practical political scene in Singapore.


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