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looking back on the year

An analysis what I did in 2015……!!! (Text in italics were the goals I had set for this year at the end of the last.)

Tried to go out every weekend instead cooping up at home. Ate at at least one new place every month (usually alone). Initiated meetups with friends whenever possible. Held a couple of gatherings for the members of a personal finance Whatsapp group I am in. (Mostly guys and quite a fun bunch!) Had resigned myself to being an eternal inviter and never an invitee, but lo and behold! In November, Gabriel invited me to a cookout lunch at his place. He and his co-organizer truly have an eclectic group of friends indeed!

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my surreal connection to my ancestral home

This article really made me want to take a similar trip back to China…… perhaps next year?

My surreal connection to my ancestral home
By Lisabel Ting

It is a human desire to return to where we came from and to know what has come before

Three weeks ago, I made a trip to Fuzhou in China with a dozen members of my extended family.

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yuletide season

Merry Christmas one and all!!!

getting names right? harder than it sounds

As someone who has always had her name mispronounced since forever, I thought this article was pretty entertaining……

Getting Names Right? Harder Than It Sounds
By Ben Shpigel

WIMBLEDON, England — If there are times when tennis officials and announcers warrant some sympathy, then the first few days of a major tournament like Wimbledon would be one of them. Hundreds of matches in singles and doubles featuring players from Argentina to Uzbekistan are a linguistic gantlet of the highest order. On the women’s side alone, there were first-round contests between Scheepers and Shvedova, Gajdosova and Zaniewska, and Foretz Gacon and Niculescu.

And there was chair umpire Pascal Maria on Court 7 on Tuesday, overseeing a match between Alex Bogomolov Jr. and Alexandr Dolgopolov. It was a tongue twister, and calling the players by their first names — Advantage, Alex? — was not an option.

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you learn something new every day

Those little containers holding condiments, such as olive oil and balsamic vinegar, are called cruets!

a pair of pretty pastels

For the very first time, Pantone picks not one but two shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity – for 2016’s Color of the Year!


Mouthfuls of Moet in the morning makes me sleepy……

(Colleagues’d successfully incorporated a company earlier and popped a bottle to celebrate!)

top psle scorers, take a bow

I completely agree with this article!!!

Top PSLE scorers, take a bow
By Chua Mui Hoong

Yes, we should broaden our definition of merit but there’s no reason to downplay academic achievement

I don’t remember the PSLE score I got as a 12-year-old. But I know it was good enough to get me into Raffles Girls’ School which, then and now, is a school that strives for academic achievement – and may it never be ashamed to say so.

I was happy to get into RGS to follow in the footsteps of my big sister. But I wasn’t particularly chuffed one way or another about my score or that I had topped my neighbourhood school.

In those days, no one boasted about his or her scores, but no one was ashamed of doing well either.

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december descends

And snow is falling on my WordPress blog……

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