looking back on the year

An analysis what I did in 2015……!!! (Text in italics were the goals I had set for this year at the end of the last.)

Tried to go out every weekend instead cooping up at home. Ate at at least one new place every month (usually alone). Initiated meetups with friends whenever possible. Held a couple of gatherings for the members of a personal finance Whatsapp group I am in. (Mostly guys and quite a fun bunch!) Had resigned myself to being an eternal inviter and never an invitee, but lo and behold! In November, Gabriel invited me to a cookout lunch at his place. He and his co-organizer truly have an eclectic group of friends indeed!

– Be more punctual
Yes! I was on time (or even early) for most of my meetings, whether business or pleasure. Alas, the trouble with being punctual is that nobody’s there to appreciate it! But was still late (more than 15 minutes, in my book) for around 15% of the time. A great improvement, in my book!

– Sleep earlier and more.
Most nights I slept around 2 am and got only five hours of sleep. Towards the end of the year, I began to sleep later and later (eeps). So this would make me nap for a couple of hours after dinner, and then I wouldn’t be able to sleep at my usual bedtime, so I would sleep later and later – a vicious cycle indeed! Gotta be more disciplined with my sleeping hours.

– Find love. ♥♥♥
Did not. :( But made quite a number of new male friends though! :P

– Go for a proper countdown.
At the start of this year, we had a New Year’s Eve party at Joanne’s. And I’m popping over to the Harry’s outlet near my place to ring in the New Year with a friend and the rest of the crowd!

– Be the best person I can be!
I certainly hope I was!!! :D

It was honestly not an easy year so I hadn’t much affinity for leisurely stuff. One constant: yoga lessons every Monday. Realized that I’ve been with this instructor – one of the best I’ve had – for close to three years! A lifetime in my book!

More notably, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend The Keys Academy‘s opening ceremony and got to hear Amy Chua – the original Tiger Mother – speak. She was warm, engaging and humorous. I also managed to score a place (via ballot) on an intertidal guided walk to Sisters’ Islands, organized by the National Parks Board. It was a fun and enlightening tour. (Click here to register.)

– Learn more new stuff.
Picked up meditation. Participated in a table flower arrangement class – my first with Heaven in a Wild Flower. Eunice, the lady boss’ home studio is in a crumbling but charming old house in Kembangan, which is reasonably near my place. Also, light refreshments (pastries and cakes) were provided! That’s always welcome. I would love to attend more of their classes in future!

(Rather amusingly, when I was carrying my flower arrangement and entered the MRT, some young guy gave up his (priority!) seat to me!!! I thanked him but obviously did not take it. Hahaha.)

– Learn how to meditate.
In January, I started going for Sahaja Yoga meditation classes as they were free. After a few sessions, I found their meditation process too cumbersome and dropped out.

Then in April I attended a basic mindfulness meditation course for beginners by The Minding Centre. It comprised a two-hour lesson per week for three weeks. The instructor, Piya Tan, used to be a monk. He has a very soothing voice which sometimes almost lulled me to sleep. I thought this course was much easier to follow than the Sahaja Yoga one, but after it ended, I wasn’t dedicated enough to keep at it. Perhaps I will do a refresher course next year.

– Fill life with as much beauty as possible.
Through Eunice, I learnt that there was a flower wholesaler, GG Fresh Flower, in my hood! Apparently, they had been there for the past six years but somehow I never knew of them!!! So I went there weekly to get blooms to make colourful arrangements for my home and office. Unfortunately, a month after I discovered them, they moved to Paya Lebar! GG indeed. :O

Also bought birthday presents for a number of friends throughout the year and presented (pun intended!) the gifts to them wonderfully wrapped! I hope I managed to bring a little joy to their lives!

– Clear and beautify my study.
Didn’t have the energy or mood to do so. :(

– Restart writing, and blog at least once a week.
Yes, I wrote 118 posts this year, and managed to blog at least once every week. However, I did not restart writing, and hope to do so creatively next year.

– Hold two parties.
Didn’t have the energy or mood or money to do so. :(

– Take at least one holiday to a place on my bucket list.
Didn’t have the energy or mood or money to do so. :(

Fashion and beauty
Barely went shopping. Just shopped my closet most times.

– Continue my 美女计划.
Wore makeup when going out every day. Even if I was feeling lazy, I would at least put on loose powder and blush. Also went for hairstyling and threading more regularly. I need to master wearing contacts in 2016!

– Strengthen personal style.
Actually I don’t know what this entailed so I am not sure if I did! Though I tried to dress up every day. Wrote down what I wore every day and it was quite fun flipping the pages and looking back.

 – Wear all my clothes more often and refrain from repeating the same outfits too regularly.
Some attempt at doing this. Hid some of the clothes I wore more frequently so I would wear other things instead.

– Repair or alter clothes that I don’t wear because they’re not repaired or altered.
A continuously ongoing process!

Personal finances
Invested some money into my company’s hedge fund, and started getting a bit of monthly returns, which definitely helped my daily expenses.

– 1000k by 27!!!
Alas, this will have to be 1000k by 28!!!

– Learn more about various financial instruments and put this knowledge into practice.
Bought various shares, but sold them recently to further invest into my company’s hedge fund.

– Keep my expenditure to $1200 a month.
Spent an average of $1500 per month, but that included about $140 monthly on term insurance. Nevertheless I consider this goal successfully reached!

Unquestionably, the main source of my stress in 2015. Had to leave my comfort zone time and time again……

– Seek greener pastures in a different industry.
In June, I finally left my first job after four and a half years. (An eternity for Gen X-ers!) (Felt some schadenfreude when I learnt my boss can’t find a replacement for my position till today.) Spent four months in a sales position a startup in Toa Payoh, as part of a secondment. It was a good learning experience. After that, returned to the mothership where I’m now on probation. >.< Hopefully, all will be well! *crossing fingers*

– Start a business or sideline.
Not at all. No good ideas whatsoever. Though a couple of friends asked me to sell my flower arrangements! My new aim is to achieve an adequate amount in passive income every month through my new job.

Aims for 2016
Continuing most of the old goals from 2015 and adding a few new ones. In no particular order except maybe the first one!

– 1000k by 28!!!

– Spend less time on the computer.

– Do a craft project every fortnight.

– Finish translating ‘White Horse Neighing in the West Wind’ (《白马啸西风》) by Jin Yong – a project I started in 2003 and have yet to complete! :P

– Earn $5k in passive income monthly. (I am currently at around a tenth of that!)

– Restart writing, and blog at least once a week.

– Fill life with as much beauty as possible.

– Clear and beautify my study.

– Continue my 美女计划.

– Lose 5 kg.

– Strengthen personal style.

– Wear all my clothes more often and refrain from repeating the same outfits too regularly.

– Repair or alter clothes that I don’t wear because they’re not repaired or altered.

– Sleep earlier and at least eight hours nightly.

– Go for a proper countdown.

– Hold at least two parties.

– Learn more new stuff.

– Take at least two holidays to a place on my bucket list.

– Find love. ♥♥♥

– Be the best person I can be!

TO A BETTER 2016 AHEAD!!!!!!!!! :D



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  1. 1 auntielucia Monday, 11 January, 2016 at 12:45 am

    Very interesting. Setting goals n reviewing useful. I particularly like your target of $5k of passive income a month. You must read Tim Ferriss 4hourwork week. 🤓

  2. 3 auntielucia Tuesday, 19 January, 2016 at 6:15 pm

    To save money just check him out at his site of the same name.

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