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be like bill

Opened this EDM from The Outnet and was greatly amused to see that they had jumped on the Be Like Bill meme bandwagon:

outnet edm 2.jpg


life after death

Every time you get dressed, remember…if you die today, that’s going to be your ghost outfit forever.

from Bastille Memes @Bastillememes, 8 January 2016

you learn something new every day

Traditionally, sugar plums are not a fruit, but a type of hard candy! (More info here, here and here!) That means the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker ballet is not a fairy of fruit, but that of confectionery!

you learn something new every day

Bombonieres is a high-sounding, bombastic word for ‘party favours’!

rags to riches

It is astonishing how short a time it takes for very wonderful things to happen. It had taken only a few minutes, apparently, to change all the fortunes of the little boy dangling his red legs from the high stool in Mr. Hobbs’s store, and to transform him from a small boy, living the simplest life in a quiet street, into an English nobleman, the heir to an earldom and magnificent wealth. It had taken only a few minutes, apparently, to change him from an English nobleman into a penniless little impostor, with no right to any of the splendors he had been enjoying. And, surprising as it may appear, it did not take nearly so long a time as one might have expected, to alter the face of everything again and to give back to him all that he had been in danger of losing.

Little Lord Fauntleroy, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, is one of my most favourite classic novels. It tells the story of poor American boy Cedric Errol who is summoned back to England to become the heir of his aristocratic grandfather. Most notable is the ridiculous prejudices that the Americans and Englishmen in the book have for each other – I found those descriptions rather amusing, considering how far each country has come. Then again, the more things change, the more they stay the same.


Happy birthday to Wikipedia! Just found out that my favourite online encyclopaedia (not that I have a favourite offline one :P) turns 15 today. Which means that it began life in 2001. And that’s amazing, cos I only discovered it when I entered university in 2006. Wondering how I could’ve missed it for five whole years! (In comparison, Google started in 1996 (but the internet wasn’t as ubiquitous then), and my computer studies teacher in Secondary 1 told us about the search engine in 2000.)

not just a pretty boy

Since we’ve been keeping two lovebirds (a type of small parrot) for the past few years (since they hatched!), I’ve begun to take greater interest in birds, particularly parrots – which are considered among the smartest birds in the world.

All birds occupy a non-mammalian ‘otherness’ that, except for two scrawny legs, makes them seem alien and, at times, as Alfred Hitchcock knew and exploited, even threatening. They can’t entirely repel our powerful urge toward anthropomorphism, but they resist many of the other hallmarks of rewarding pet ownership. They don’t curl up on your lap or spring in the air for your ball, or sleep contently at your feet, or catch mice. How we choose to keep them, moreover, is curiouser still. Perched in tiny cages, often with their wings clipped, they are denied their very bird-ness: that is, the awesome power of soaring flight that is their most salient characteristic.

And yet many people forge a profound bond with birds, and love their winged animals with a fiercely felt reciprocity. This is especially true of parrots.

Read this very evocative article on the complicated bonds between parrots and their humans.

you learn something new every day

The space between your eyebrows is called the glabella!

two countries separated by a common language

Wanted to change the inbox date format in my Gmail account from MM/DD/YY to DD/MM/YY. Googled and one solution was to switch my language setting from English (US) to English (UK). Which I did, and promptly noticed that my Trash folder was now appropriately renamed ‘Bin’!!!

you learn something new every day

Read this interesting article and discovered the word plastrons, or the underside of turtle or tortoise shells!

crossing over

Spent the last couple of hours of 2015 at the Harry’s outlet (a raucous full house!) near my place with a younger friend, S, who also lives close by. We had prawn pizza, washed down with sparkling wine (me) and light beer (him). (My treat!)

They had turned the TV to MediaCorp’s ‘starstudded countdown show’, so when it got really close to midnight, the hosts started going, ‘Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six!’ Everyone else in the bar chanted in unison, ‘Five! Four! Three! Two! One! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!’ Cheers and clinking abounded.

Then colourful fireworks from the small-scale celebration a couple of roads away exploded into the night sky. Like many other patrons, we too rushed out to admire the sight.

A simple way to ring in the New Year……

begin again

Happy New Year!!! To an amazing 2016 and beyond!!!

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