white horse neighing in the west wind

But no matter how brilliant, how learned Habolamu was, there was one puzzle he would never be able to decipher, because even the all-encompassing Quran contained no answer: if the person you loved deeply, deeply loved someone else, was there anything that could be done?

I have never been gladder to announce that my translation of 《白马啸西风》 (Bai Ma Xiao Xi Feng, or White Horse Neighing in the West Wind), a wuxia novella by Jin Yong, is finally DONE!!! At long last! How I’ve waited for this day!

I started working on the piece after my ‘O’ Levels and posted my first instalment to the SPCNET Wuxia Translations forum on 18 November 2003. I had thought my work would take days, if not months, to finish – but who knew! It ended up taking way more time and effort than I had thought!

I kind of abandoned my project in July 2008, but somehow, it always lay at the back of my mind. Finally, the start of 2016, I decided that this would be the year I completed my translation, and made it a new year’s resolution. And I have just posted the concluding section to my thread today, 23 March 2016! In all, I think of it as a little cultural gift to the world.

(To my readers: I hope you have enjoyed this tale of love, loss and betrayal. In particular, if you were there in the beginning, thank you for staying until the end.)

13 years in the making! (In that time, a whole bunch of kids were born, grew up, took their PSLE and entered secondary school!) Hopefully I will never take so many years to see anything else to fruition ever again!


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