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you learn something new every day

To end on a high note, a great speech should have a great peroration!


brave new world

The UK went to the polls on 23 June to vote on a referendum regarding their European Union (EU) membership. And so, earlier today, some friends and I were closely following the news of the results. At first there were reports that it was going to be Bremain. By 2 pm (our time) it was confirmed that Brexit had triumphed! (Those two words are both portmanteaus!)

Naturally I was also excited because I support the UK leaving the EU! Well done UK! I believe that the EU has lost its relevance and will likely cause Europe to meet its demise faster. For all the naysayers, the UK was fine before the EU and will be fine after the EU. (I should say I also felt a teeny weeny bit proud when I read people supporting this assertion by citing the case of Singapore, which left the Malaysian Federation in 1965 and is doing pretty well on its own now! :D) It is true that the markets all over the globe took a beating but that is only a temporary setback.

The unthinkable has become reality. I should get some fish and chips to celebrate. Next up: will Trump become US president? (I certainly hope so.) Exciting times lie ahead!!!

you learn something new every day

Sometimes I find my YLSNED posts are rather otiose (new word alert!), but hopefully someone else in the great wide world out there finds them educational all the same. :D

you learn something new every day

There’s apparently a whole school of superstitions surrounding the Shakespearean play Macbeth!

you learn something new every day

When I first saw the word adamantine, I recalled the fictional metal alloy adamantium (the substance bonded to the Wolverine’s skeleton and claws). Both share the same root word, adamant, which comes from the Latin adamantem, meaning ‘adamant, hardest iron, steel’.


If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.


I used to support liberals and their causes until I realized that most of them did not care for others’ freedom of speech. Henceforth I saw the light, defected to the other side and am now a happy conservative, LOL. :P

What a difference the passage of ten years and the transition from university to working life make!

(Though I’m not really a conservative now actually!)

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