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it’s gonna be yuuuge

Just ten more days to the election of the most powerful person in the world!


indonesians’ lasting love for instant noodles

This article gave me a craving for instant noodles! :P (Last ate them more than a year ago!)

Indonesians’ lasting love for instant noodles
By Arlina Arshad

Indonesians’ fascination with the packaged food makes it big business in the archipelago

JAKARTA • A sarong-clad man stands on a clifftop and sings with gusto the opening lines of a famous Indonesian instant noodle TV commercial.

“From Sabang to Merauke…,” he croons, referring to two well-known cities at either end of the archipelago. “Flavour choices may differ, but we are single-hearted on taste.”

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you learn something new every day

A pangram is a sentence using every letter of a certain alphabet at least once. (A list of interesting pangrams can be found here.)

the moment

Been listening to this song on repeat lately:


这一刻回头看见自己 这一路的风景百感交集的我
下一刻又将飞向哪里 渐渐疲惫的羽翼为你披上了勇气
放心离开我 我会记得这一刻 那些还飞翔著不可思议的梦
雨后的天空 会有绚烂的彩虹 像最初相信着我们总会找到自由

这一刻时间变成行李 越过生命悲喜陪伴着我前进
因为你让我看清自己 面对未知的恐惧脚步更加坚定
放心离开我 我会记得这一刻 那些还飞翔著不可思议的梦
雨后的天空 会有绚烂的彩虹 像最初相信着我会找到自由

哦……只是远行 不是逃避 道别是为延续回忆永恒的华丽
你……要照顾自己不要忘记 那些灿烂过的痕迹

放心离开我 我会记得这一刻 那些还飞翔著不可思议的梦
雨后的天空 会有绚烂的彩虹 像最初相信着我会找到自由 自由


On Monday morning, I stood at the sink, brushing my teeth in a post-sleep haze. Suddenly, in a flash, everything fell into place, and I could finally properly count from one to hundred in Kristang!!! :D

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