last of the 20s

What I did in the past 365 days! Overall 2016 was a relatively good year, though of course I hope next year will be much better! (Text in italics were the goals I had set for this year at the end of the last.)


– Go for a proper countdown.

Rung in 2016 at Harry’s outlet near my place with my xiaodidi friend Sam (and the rest of the crowd)! We even got to watch fireworks from the New Year celebration nearby!

– Spend less time on the computer.

Don’t think I spent less time on my laptop (and smartphone) at all. In fact, I discovered the wonders of Pinterest, and spent many happy hours pinning a variety of things to various boards (including some for my dream home!). (But I’m pleased to say I still don’t have Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat!)

– Sleep earlier and at least eight hours nightly.

Still sleeping at 2 am every night. Slightly improvement in the third quarter but then deproved again. Gotta be more disciplined with my sleeping hours.

– Find love. ♥♥♥

Nought, nil, nada, nothing, zero, zilch and zip. Try again next year!

– Be the best person I can be!

I certainly hope I was!!! :D


Still doing yoga lessons every Monday. Have been with this instructor for close to four years! Didn’t go for a meditation refresher as I thought I would.

One fun thing I did this year watching a softcore porn movie (for the first time ever) at the infamous Yangtze Cinema with Gabriel and Elizabeth. Had been wanting to visit since I read Xiaxue’s entertaining blog post on the place a decade ago (how time flies – I wasn’t even in university at the time). It was a very interesting experience. We went on 3 January, and the theatre screened its final movie on 29 February. Truly the end of an era!

– Learn more new stuff.

In January, I attended a basic brush lettering class by PapeLineCo. (Since then, been practising sporadically, have to stick to it.) Later that month, my friend Rachel invited me to a basic ukelele course taught by her boss and held at a gastropub in Clarke Quay. Went for one lesson, struggled to keep up, decided not to go ever again. Can’t decide if I really have zero talent for instruments or just no determination. :P

In August, I went for a doodling workshop by Leach. It was really fun. We got to try out an assortment of pens. As a result of that class, I got addicted to Copic markers. Ended up buying no fewer than 31 of them in less than four months. Blending colours is like making magic. And their inks are alcohol-based, so they never tear paper even when you keep colouring the same spot! Absolutely amazing to use!

To practise my doodling, made myself draw something different every night before bed. This went on for almost two months and I started finding it quite stressful. So I stopped, and now I only draw whenever I feel like doing so.

And most significantly, I signed up for Kristang classes with Kodrah Kristang. Due to my previous life as a linguistics undergrad, I am interested in contact languages, and learning this particular language was a minor goal of mine. (It’s not exactly the first third language I’ve ever learnt – took four months of Japanese classes in Secondary 1 before giving up the ghost.)

I finished Kristang 1A (10 lessons), and have now moved on to 1B. Can’t say my written or spoken Kristang is the best (cos it really ain’t), but am proud to say I’ve come for every single lesson. They start at 9 on Saturday mornings at NUS, so I had to wake at 7 am to get there on time! (If not for these classes , I’d be sleeping till noon!) Special thanks to my classmate Martha for carpooling me to class – definitely helped with my attendance. And we were all super excited to see our teacher Kevin’s efforts to revitalize Kristang featured in the Straits Times last month!

Honestly, the sessions have been really fun. Learnt a lot of new things and made many new friends. Hands down one of the best things I’ve done this year!

– Hold at least two parties.

Zzz I didn’t even hold one. But arranged a number of small group gatherings for different groups of friends. I shall really have to get on with it next year!

– Do a craft project every fortnight.

Made tons of cards (with my old name cards), though not every fortnight. Gave most (usually attached to presents) to friends.

I coated a simple wooden photo frame with a mosaic of cut up stamps as a Christmas gift for my ex-colleague Liena because she used to take the trouble to save used stamps for me. Sent it to her office and she was pleasantly surprised.

– Finish translating ‘White Horse Neighing in the West Wind’ (《白马啸西风》) by Jin Yong – a project I started in 2003 and have yet to complete! :P

Yes, finally completed this epic project on 23 March!!! But I gotta clean it up a bit and maybe then I’ll post it up here.

– Restart writing, and blog at least once a week.

Did the latter, not the former. Really should restart writing creatively next year!

– Fill life with as much beauty as possible.

Continued last year’s trend of buying little birthday presents for a number of friends. Always gave the gifts to them beautifully wrapped. A bow always makes a present look ten times better!

Unfortunately didn’t have much time to buy flowers and make arrangements.

– Clear and beautify my study.

Operation Clean Room only half completed. Hopefully can finish it in 2017!

– Take at least two holidays to a place on my bucket list.

Didn’t go anywhere. Oh well. However, I’m off to Malacca next weekend for a field trip with my Kristang classmates!

Fashion and beauty

– Continue my 美女计划.

Now I can finally put on contact lenses for my left eye with some trouble. Right eye? Not at all. :P

– Lose 5 kg.

Gained and lost and gained 1 kg over the year……

– Strengthen personal style.

Still not sure if I did! LOL. Will be 30 next year, not sure how my personal style (an extension of the self) will evolve……

– Wear all my clothes more often and refrain from repeating the same outfits too regularly.

I think I managed to!

– Repair or alter clothes that I don’t wear because they’re not repaired or altered.

Didn’t really do much alterations this year. But have a couple of clothes that recently needed repair.


Not too bad, my first year in a new job with a job scope totally different from my previous job. Made a little headway, wished it could have been more though! As the main marketing person, I must work more closely with the sales team to bring in more sales!

Personal finances

– 1000k by 28!!!

Alas, now it’ll have to be 1000k by 29!

– Earn $5k in passive income monthly.

Now at one-fifth of that goal!

Aims for 2017
Continuing some old goals from 2016 and adding a few new ones. In no particular order except maybe the first one!

– 1000k by 29!

– Sleep earlier and at least eight hours nightly.

– Be the best person I can be!

– Learn more new stuff. (I want to learn how: to cook, speak Cantonese properly and make amirugumi!)

– Hold at least two parties.

– Restart creative writing.

– Read more books. (Not really been reading books since I started working life in 2010. That should really change!)

– Fill life with as much beauty as possible.

– Finish Operation Clean Room.

– Take at least three holidays to a place on my bucket list.

– Master wearing contact lenses. (Or go for Lasik?)

– Lose 5 kg.

– Be more adventurous with my personal style.

– Repair or alter clothes that I don’t wear because they’re not repaired or altered.

– Get promoted at work.

– Earn $5k in passive income monthly.

– Find love. ♥♥♥




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