the little eastern heretic
lives on q u i r k y h i l l
1º22´n 103º48´e

she is
terribly unpredictable. noisy yet silent. spirited yet serene. brave yet timid. running round yet standing still. conventional yet chimerical. bubbling with joy yet brimming with melancholy. tempestuous and tumultuous yet the eye of the storm. feet on the ground and head in the clouds. both a group I alkali metal and a group XVIII noble gas. an english-knowing bilingual. an aspiring polymath. an eternal optimist. an ntj oscillating between e and i. a daughter of a better age. a bearer of decadent asian values. a fervent hallidayan. a lover of lexicology and lexicography. a fan of the schwa!

some years back
she graduated from university and begun the rest of her life.

she completed her first adventure and found her next. stay tuned for more amazing……

strangely enough, she also happens to be

the princess of peach blossom island


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