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said no woman ever

This is absolutely hilarious……

“I have enough jewelleries, I don’t need to go shopping.” Said NO woman ever.

DAVE fine jewellery @jewelsbydave, 5 July 2013


with hopefully many more to come

There was some sort sort of sale at Tangs on Thursday, so I went down to check out their Orchard Road branch, and got something that I’d been eyeing for the longest time…… THIS!!!


It’s a long necklace sprinkled with  green onyx, pink amethyst, prehnite and prasiolite from local label Dave Fine Jewellery. Isn’t it lovely? It was 15% off, so I finally decided to buy it. My very first piece of fine jewellery, with hopefully many more to come!!! :D

No more cheapo costume jewellery made of lousy materials for me anymore! (Although I’d make an exception for costume jewellery of good quality, like Saint Laurent’s Arty rings!) From now onwards I will save for the real thing!!! :D

something to think about

I bought my first Valentino scarf in the ’70s. Then came the shoes, then came the blouse, and now I can afford the whole outfit.

Oprah Winfrey, to WWD, at Valentino’s fall couture show in Paris, September 2004 (from here)

wedding dresses

photo from here

Took the morning off today to check out The Wedding Dress: 200 Years of Wedding Fashion from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London exhibition at the National Museum. It was the last day of the exhibition! And entrance was free as it was the museum’s open house! :D

I reached the museum at 9.45 am, but it only opens at 10 am daily. So I sat down on a platform in the carpark to wait. It was all quite amusing!

After waiting what seemed like an eternity, the doors of the museum finally opened and everyone outside went in.

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arm party

Was sitting down on the train home yesterday night, when I suddenly noticed the girl standing in front of me had a very nice arm party on her left arm.

(The term ‘arm party’ was invented by American fashion blogger Leandra Medine. Click here to learn how to start your own! :) )

No photos, unfortunately, but I memorized what she had on: a completely black watch (thought I saw the tiny words ‘agnes b’ written on its face); friendship bracelet woven out of two types of blue threads, dark and light; a silver bangle studded with little neon yellow rhinestones at regular intervals, with large gaps between the rhinestones; and a slim gold bangle with pyramid studs.

The pieces were all completely different but I thought they looked wonderful together. Am inspired to create amazing arm parties of my own now!!!


p is for prada

Look at my new wallet……!!!!!!

Isn’t it beautiful? Yes, it’s from Prada, made of Saffiano leather and is gold gold gold!!!  :D

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men shop in bulk

In university, I lived mainly in the same Topshop tank top in four colours (coral, red, bright green and dark brown), paired with various skirts. Now that I am working, I own the same Zara blouse in four colours (white, fuchsia, orange and teal).

So you can see why this article struck a chord in me:

For Guys, a Great Find Is Often Multiplied

John Ortved

WOMEN shop, men stockpile. That’s one theory, anyway, of how men buy clothes differently from women. If women see shopping as an opportunity, a social or even therapeutic activity, the thinking goes, then men see it as a necessary evil, a moment to restock the supply closet.

At the risk of perpetuating sex stereotypes, the archetype may have been Steve Jobs. When Mr. Jobs died in October, he left behind not only a peerless legacy, but a closet full of identical black cotton turtlenecks by Issey Miyake. “If he loved a shirt, he’d order 10 or 100 of them,” his sister, the author Mona Simpson, said in her eulogy.

It was an obsession that many men could relate to. Here, stylish New Yorkers reflect on their wardrobe hoarding.

Paul Sevigny with some of the Armor Lux boxers he owns.

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rainy friday morning

It’s a wet grey morning……

And wearing black pants, black shoes, black bag and black watch……

Luckily the vibrant green silk blouse I had on added a much-needed pop of colour!!!

in good taste

So after visiting the Dali exhibition, Ahgong and I went shopping at Marina Bay Sands! We checked out many of the designer stores. Then Ahgong declared that he wanted to get a watch, so we went into Watch Station International to take a look.

Once inside, Ahgong immediately made a beeline for the Marc by Marc Jacobs (MBMJ) cabinet. Earlier, he had told me that he really liked Marc Jacobs’ designs, and I was !!!!!! because straight guys usually know nothing of designers plus Marc Jacobs isn’t exactly the most prolific one around.

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rings and things

Met Zhiqi for brunch on Sunday, 10 April. We wanted to try Food For Thought in Queen Street, but when we got there, it was completely filled. They said the wait would probably be around an hour, so we walked down the street and popped into TCC at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts instead.

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think pink

Accessorized my white blouse and pink skirt from Zara with my pink Lanvin for H&M necklace today.

Halfway on the train home, I managed to get a seat. Had only sat down for about ten minutes when this chubby young woman, wearing a long dress with thin black and white stripes and a rope necklace made of bright orange seed beads, on my left suddenly turned to me and said, ‘Your necklace is very pretty, where did you get it?’

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mixing metals

The usual fashion rule is not to mix gold and silver; yesterday when I took leave and went out,  I wore a grey puff-sleeved top, black shorts, low black pumps, carried a black handbag and accessorized thus:

Watch: Citizen, from random watches and spectacles shop near my place
Amethyst ring: Goldheart (This was a gift from parents for my 21st!)
Sunburst ring: stall in bazaar at SGH

Above photo taken by Ahgong. And his comments?

很match…… does not conflict…… there’s no disharmony.

the men do get it

Well, at least one of them, anyway.

Snippet of an MSN convo with Ahgong just now:

(Gave him the link to someone’s photo of the pink Lanvin for H&M necklace. Mine is on its way to me……)

Avalon 一口玉弓思归送 says:
not bad
bt actually nid to contemplate what to match this with

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:

clearly i can shop anywhere

Met JY for lunch at SGH last Thursday (27 January). After lunch we saw a little bazaar set up nearby and decided to take a look. At one stall, I spotted an interesting ring in a box of trinkets, but we quickly moved on to the other stalls, which were mostly selling Chinese New Year goodies.

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suleiman the magnificent

Suleiman the Magnificent (1494 – 1566) was the tenth and longest-reigning sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Love his magnificent hat!!!

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