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and 2017 is here

Bong anu nobu! Happy new year! 新年快乐!

Can’t believe I’ll be hitting the big THREE-OH soon!!!

i’m dreaming of a rainy christmas

Merry Christmas, world! It’s been pouring on and off on my end of this island. Truly a Christmas in the tropics!

december descends

And snow is falling on my WordPress blog……


Yesterday I was 28 and today I begin my 30th revolution around the sun. :)

(ZOMG! 30th!!! :O)

counting down the days

Five more days!!!

counting down the days

Ten more days!!!

lucky seven

WordPress just sent me this happy notification:
Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 7 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.
Oh my! Has it really been seven years? Time really flies!!! :D

year of the monkey

Happy Chinese New Year!!! :D

begin again

Happy New Year!!! To an amazing 2016 and beyond!!!

yuletide season

Merry Christmas one and all!!!

december descends

And snow is falling on my WordPress blog……

to the next 50 years

And now…… looking forward to SG75 and of course, SG100!

the real sg50

Happy 50th birthday Singapore, our sunny island set in the sea!

(Now that the big shebang’s over, I wonder if SG50 fever will finally subside……)



Thursday’s child…… has far to go…… (for me, in all senses of the phrase, I think!)

Was born on a Thursday, and my birthday is on a Thursday again this year, so…… :D

(Delicious salted caramel cake with pecans from Lynda Ann Cakes, located deep in the heartland of Bedok North Street 2. The bakery’s run by a secondary school senior of mine. Go check them out HERE!)


Yesterday I was 27 and today I begin my 29th revolution around the sun. :)

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