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sweet teeth

This afternoon, we held a farewell lunch in the office for colleague N, whose last day is tomorrow. GE and LL went all the way down to this place in Beach Road to buy briyani back for everyone. Some had beef, some had fish and others had mutton, but I had chicken, of course, and it wasn’t too bad.

And for dessert, we had fresh fruit, and bread pudding made by colleague DT!

A cube of the bread pudding drizzled with vanilla sauce!

The bread pudding, which DT warmed before serving, was really good! Had never had anything like it before. It was warm and moist and rich and moreish and satisfying!!! Everyone complimented DT for her amazing bread pudding! :)

And DT kindly shared the recipe with all of us! Click HERE!


jumping on the bandwagon

And it was my sister’s turn to make madeleines today……

She dusted them with icing sugar. They’re more lemony than my mum’s, but still kinda hard……

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teeny tiny diminutive petite

My mum made madeleines today even though she is a little sick……

In fact, she went all the way to the Phoon Huat store, which is an MRT stop away, to buy a madeleine pan. She got a nonstick one for about $22 as the normal ones, which cost less than $10, were sold out.

The madeleines taste of honey and vaguely of lemon (my mum added lemon zest). Quite good for a first attempt, but a little on the hard side, and not as soft as the ones from Delifrance.

NB The title of this entry was adapted from the lyrics of the theme song of the cartoon Madeline, which was in turn adapted from the children’s book series of the same name.


My sister made me a chocolate cake for my birthday on Sunday evening, using the Valrhona chocolate I had given her for her birthday. But my parents came back so late from their mahjong session that my sister had gone to bed, so we only cut it after dinner yesterday, which was my actual birthday.

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chocolate love

The sister had whined on her birthday a few days ago that I hadn’t gotten her a birthday present. So I went down to town on Saturday (30 June) afternoon to pick up a gift. You’ll never guess what I got for her!

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dessert tonight

Blueberry crumble, courtesy of the mother, with Dreyer’s vanilla ice cream!

The blueberry crumble wasn’t sweet at all, so I could taste the natural sweetness of the blueberries. It reminded me of breakfast cereal. Anyway it was pretty addictive and I polished off all the leftover crumble!!! :D

homemade durian cakes

Happy birthday to my sister!!!

Photo taken by my sister!

My mum made this birthday cake for her on Tuesday, which we cut and ate on the same day. The cake contained layers of sponge cake and durian cream, and was covered by a layer of fresh cream. This was my mum’s first cream cake ever! The sponge cake was a little on the dense side and the fresh cream icing wasn’t stiff enough, but overall a pretty good first attempt.

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a fraction of

Chicken pie for lunch last Saturday (5 May), courtesy of the mother!

It was pretty good. Only thing was that the pieces of parmesan she had mixed into the filling had somehow degenerated into chewy chunks, but they added a nice saltiness to the pie.

Incidentally, whenever someone says ‘a fraction of something’, they almost always mean a small fraction, never a large one! (For example, it would be quite weird if I looked at the pie above and commented that ‘a fraction of the pie is left’!!!)

I wonder why! Perhaps it is because when we start learning fractions like 1/4, 1/5 or 1/10, the fraction pie charts we see always emphasize the small portions, and never the remaining large parts!

the chicken in the pie

Chicken pie for dinner tonight, courtesy of the mother!

Chockful of meat, vegetables, eggs and a bit of cheese!

She claimed the pastry was perfect this time; I thought it tasted pretty much the same as her previous pies! :P

sweet teeth

Cinnamon roll studded with raisins, courtesy of the mother, who made them around 5 March.

They’re the nicest cinnamon rolls she’s ever made, because they happen to be the sweetest. :D

cookie monster

My mummy made cookies on Friday! Plum jam and almond cookies to be exact.

The plum jam cookies were sour and tasted strangely like pineapple tarts. I know not why! They were a bit soft due to the moisture from the jam. And yes, she’d made the plum jam herself.

I preferred the almond cookies cos they were crunchier. Only two are left in the above photo cos I must have eaten at least ten during the past couple of days…… :S

MUNCH MUNCH. Yes, I truly am a cookie monster…… :D

pandan buttercream

Exactly a week ago my mum made cupcakes with pandan buttercream.

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strawberries on the shortcake

My brother likes strawberries, so my sister made a strawberry shortcake for his birthday this year. (His birthday is in mid-April, so this is a very belated post.)

Isn’t it a gorgeous cake?

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behind the scenes

Sister, with Mum’s help, made pineapple tarts and peanut cookies last Saturday.

Photos from behind the scenes!

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saturday night

10.30 pm, raining heavily and my sister and mum are in the kitchen making pineapple tarts and peanut cookies…

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