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you learn something new every day


My brother cooked some mussels with white wine, a tiny piece of ham and mozzarella (which disintegrated into tiny, disgusting-looking debris) for supper on Saturday night. I was watching him plate them when I suddenly realized that the mussels were in different colours – some were orange and others were cream.

I asked my mum why this was so, and she guessed that different colours meant different sexes. Googled, and found out that she was quite right! As this page explains, in greater detail:

What is the difference between a male and female mussel?
The different sexes of mussels can be identified by their colour. The flesh of a sexually mature male is creamy white, while a female is a reddish apricot.

Anyway, I tried one of my brother’s mussels, and gave him only a 5/10 cos it was rather tasteless! :P


a bit too hard

The brother cooked dinner for both of us just now. He made chicken with whisky mushroom sauce and stirfried potatoes with peas.

Alas, the chicken was a bit too hard, and so were the potatoes. This was because the chicken was overcooked but the potatoes were undercooked! :P


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low carb dinner

What I had for dinner today……


Scrambled eggs with bacon that I had cooked myself, and Fassler smoked salmon marinated with dill and olive oil that I had bought from a supermarket.

I just realized that I haven’t eaten instant noodles for almost two years. :P

pasta bolognese

Pasta bolognese for dinner tonight, courtesy of my mum, who apparently learnt the recipe from an episode of Kitchen Boss.

The tomato and meat sauce was deliciously sourish and really whetted the appetite. Haven’t had so much pasta in a long time! I assumed the meat was pork, but then my mum suddenly revealed that she had added a little beef, which we almost never eat at home. No wonder the meat tasted a little off (though not unpleasantly so), but I was unable to figure out why! :P

tempura dinner

Tempura for dinner tonight, courtesy of the mother! Prawn, fish, brinjal and sweet potato! Ate the first three types but didn’t touch the last! :P Delicious but I wish I could’ve eaten them when they were just out of the wok! :P There was also fresh lettuce and tomato salad, tasty tempura dipping sauce made of bonito flakes, and miso soup which tasted only vaguely like it! My mum admitted that she had used very little miso! No wonder, then! :P

chicken chop again

Got home yesterday evening, and was very amused to see what my mum had cooked, given what I had for lunch earlier that day!

Pan fried chicken breast with lettuce salad! The chicken was a little dry so I topped it with a little butter. A delicious dinner! :D

a colourful lunch

Lunch today: nasi lemak with fried fish, fried anchovies, boiled eggs, cucumber, tomatoes and pineapples (which were really juicy and sweet!), and a large dollop of chilli, all courtesy of my mum. A really colourful lunch indeed!

After I had helped myself to the food and taken a few small bites, my mum came into the kitchen……

Mum: 好吃吗?

Me: Not bad lar!

Mum: What not bad! Very nice!

After finishing my food, I still think it wasn’t too bad. :P A nice combination of sweet, sour, spicy and savoury……

low carb dinner

Dinner tonight, courtesy of my mum: deliciously moreish pork patties, pan fried sweet pumpkin and store-bought fresh salad (mum threw in some juicy cherry tomatoes)! YUMMY!!! :D

a different sort of pancake

Korean pancake (jeon in Korean) for lunch today, courtesy of my mum! Hers was chockful of spring onions prawns, squid (which I don’t really like), and eggs. Delicious but the batter of the pancake was slightly on the chewy side! :P

pork chops again

I had successfully avoided pork chops for lunch today, but when I got home after work, I found out to my great amusement that…… my mum had cooked some for dinner!!! :P

Pan fried pork chops, pan fried potatoes and grilled brinjals!!! Delicious!!! :D

pasta lunch

Public holiday today as it was Hari Raya Puasa yesterday……

Lunch today: penne with asparagus, prawns and bacon, courtesy of the mother! Yum! :)

a somewhat atas breakfast

Fluffy pancakes for breakfast today, courtesy of the mother……

And I ate them with Dreyer’s vanilla ice cream and Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate fudge sauce!

My sister got the Ghirardelli chocolate fudge as a gift (the price tag still stuck to the bottom of the jar says it costs $10! :P). Alas, it tasted weird and had a strangely salty aftertaste. Personally, I think Nutella is cheaper and better! :P

low carb dinner

Dinner tonight, courtesy of my mum (clockwise from left): chicken fillets (pan fried and then baked; cut into them and was surprised to see that they had cheesy centres),  siew yok (panfried with a little soya sauce) and salad (store bought, but my mum added some orange segments and tossed everything in a light citrusy orange juice dressing). Absolutely delicious! Possibly the best home cooked low carb meal I’ve ever had!!! :D

butter and jam

What I had for breakfast this morning……

Fluffy pancakes courtesy of the mother! In fact, she had made pancakes yesterday morning as well. They were light and fluffy and not rubbery as hers sometimes turn out to be, so I complimented her on them. She made them again today, and they were great once again.

Ate the pancakes with butter and homemade blueberry jam. I think my mum added little or  no sugar to the jam, so you could taste the light natural sweetness of the fruit.

Washed everything down with a mug of freshly brewed plain tea.

tempura dinner

What I had for dinner tonight, courtesy of my mum……

She made tempura using mushrooms, fish, prawns, lady’s fingers and cauliflower! (I had eaten about a piece of each type before remembering to take the above photo!) She even made an authentic tempura dipping sauce using bonito flakes, mirin, soya sauce and sake! And she also did a simple salad to go with the tempura.

The tempura wasn’t very crispy as they had been deep fried a few hours ago and simply reheated just before I got home. But somehow they tasted really delicious and I gobbled everything up, including a fair bit of rice. And the dipping sauce was also super delicious and I kept pouring it liberally onto my rice. Yum!!!

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