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galloping into the year of the horse


Happy Chinese New Year from me and my flower arrangements!!! :D

Made them for my home…… aren’t they sweet? Simply love the colour scheme! :D

Arrangements: (from left) mini kumquats, red cockscomb and pink carnations;  purple hydrangea; and pink roses, purple eustomas and some greenery and berries……

Flowers: Tiong Bahru Market and Candy Floriculture (with a couple of items salvaged from what I made during my flower arrangement class  by Wonderland for Detailed Planners last Sunday, 26 January)……

Vases: Sia Huat (left and middle; they’re actually large drinkware) and Ikea (right)……

Special thanks to colleagues G and L, and friend M, for braving the madding crowds with me to purchase the flowers on Wednesday and yesterday respectively!!!


low carb dinner

Alone at home tonight.

Had a late lunch so only felt some rumblings of hunger at 9 pm.

Dropped a little knob of butter on a heated nonstick pan.

When the butter was hot enough, put in some broken up bacon, and stacked some small chunks of mozarella on top.

While the bacon and cheese began to sizzle, poured in an egg.

Flipped the egg over to cook the other side.

Put everything on a plate.

It smelt heavenly……!!!

Daubed on a little Djion mustard.

It tasted heavenly too……!!!

The light brownish stuff at the top right corner was Dijon mustard, and no I didn’t eat it with the lime…… :P


I was done by 9.15 pm.

bag ladies

This is Hui Lin using the bag I made for her birthday in 2008!

Apparently, it’s been holding up pretty well, although I am told there’s a tiny hole somewhere.

She wants another bag for her birthday this year.

Her birthday’s long over, but I’m still in the process of making it!

So watch this space! :D

dear janes

Tea party at P’s in the afternoon of 23 May.

The theme was Jane. Don’t ask me. P chose it. She went as both Plain Jane and Glam Pam (I’d told her what the opposite of Plain Jane was when she informed me of the theme, haha). KN was also Plain Jane and wore mary janes. I thought of Lady Jane Grey and wore a grey top.

Look at the spread we had!


P’s aglio olio with chilli flakes and garlic.

Pasta was too hard! Must cook longer next time!

We were also supposed to eat smoked salmon with this but P only remembered about it much later!

P’s potato and faux crab croquettes! I love croqs!!!

KN’s salad with diced canned peaches.

My crustless quiches!

They were not salty at all, and tasted rather healthy despite the luncheon meat, eggs and cream. I shall fry the luncheon meat longer next time.

We also drank P’s lemon barley.

P’s mum later added two dishes:

Green curry and……

…… tomyam soup!

Watched the Ghibli animated film My Neighbors the Yamadas. Some parts were quite hilarious.

After that spent the greater part of the day and night planning our Japan trip itinerary.

NB Scheduled post! :)

crustless quiches

Spent the morning of Sunday, May 23, making crustless quiches. Quiches usually have crusts, but since everyone is on low-carb diets, I decided to make some without.

Used this recipe but substituted bacon with luncheon meat. I used Golden Bridge luncheon meat, which is made locally. I further substituted the luncheon meat with tomatoes to make vegetarian quiches.

Lightly fried the diced onions and luncheon meat.

Didn’t fry the diced tomatoes though. :P

Mixed the eggs and cream together.

Placed some onions and meat or tomatoes in each dish, topped with grated cheese and then poured the egg and cream over.

Baked for about 45 minutes till somewhat browned.

Cooled them and sprinkled some basil on top.

All packed and ready to go! :D

NB First ever scheduled post! :)

cheesecake cupcakes

Since most of the brownies had been given away, made cheesecake cupcakes this afternoon, using this recipe.

Essential ingredients, clockwise from left: eggs (separated into yolks and whites), milk, lemon (need the juice), cornflour (replaced cornstarch with this) and cream cheese (yes that’s the tube-y thing).

My favourite part is usually beating the egg whites until they’re all thick and fluffy and form soft peaks!

Then fold the egg whites into the cream cheese mixture.

Pour into cupcake cases and pop them into the oven!

mixed fruit

Returned to the kitchen after dinner today.

Essential ingredients, from top left clockwise:  a mixture of preserved fruit, eggs, flour, glace cherries and butter slightly creamed with sugar.

After creaming the butter and sugar until the mixture was pale, I added the flour and eggs, and also a little lemon juice and a dash of mixed spice.

Then add in the mixed fruit and the mixture well, before pouring it into a lined and oiled tin and popping it into the oven.

Guess what I baked? ;)

bejewelled edibles

Met Ahgong for tea on Jul 3.

We initially arranged to meet at Royal Copenhagen in Taka (his suggestion not mine, so don’t accuse me of being a taitai! >.<)  but due to time and financial constraints, we decided to settle for Food Republic in Wisma instead. :D

(If you’re ever at Food Republic, do try the chicken wings – we didn’t, but noticed plenty of people chowing down.)

Chocolate mud cupcakes for Ahgong! (Recipe here.)


Ahgong: 好吃到可以卖!

He suggested that I sell them in school next Valentine’s Day.  So troublesome lor! :P :P :P

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