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a flavour of Singapore identity is lost without muah chee

Identity is a funny thing, which is why this article struck a chord in me…… And it also made me crave muah chee, which I haven’t had for eons.



A flavour of Singapore identity is lost without muah chee
By Han Fook Kwang

The simple snack may not make big bucks but its value is built on factors like craftsmanship and tradition

Muah Chee is an unlikely subject when talking about the Singapore identity. But there is a connection which I will come to later.

It is a simple snack made of glutinous rice covered with ground peanut which doesn’t stir up the same passionate debate among local foodies as char kway teow or chilli crab.

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indonesians’ lasting love for instant noodles

This article gave me a craving for instant noodles! :P (Last ate them more than a year ago!)

Indonesians’ lasting love for instant noodles
By Arlina Arshad

Indonesians’ fascination with the packaged food makes it big business in the archipelago

JAKARTA • A sarong-clad man stands on a clifftop and sings with gusto the opening lines of a famous Indonesian instant noodle TV commercial.

“From Sabang to Merauke…,” he croons, referring to two well-known cities at either end of the archipelago. “Flavour choices may differ, but we are single-hearted on taste.”

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bacon vs ham

Previously I wasn’t really sure which I enjoyed more, bacon or ham. But now I am extremely certain that there is nothing quite like bacon. Bacon FTW!!!


Enjoyed a solitary dinner at Dojo, which specializes in pork burgers, yesterday evening. (It’s located in the Boat Quay area, which has tons and tons of eateries. Gotta return one day to explore the place.) I tried the Hadoken burger, which according to the menu, comprised a ‘luscious pork patty slathered with fiery chilli meat sauce, a slice of cheese, diced onions and crispy bacon, the Asian cousin of the sloppy joe’, with fries on the side ($14). All its flavours and textures melded together to make a delicious symphony. (And the spicy meat sauce wasn’t spicy at all!)

(For plenty of pictures, click here!)

I still think pork is superior to beef. Biting into a beef burger often feels primal, but biting into a pork burger is somehow always…… refreshing.

72 Circular Road
Singapore 049426
+65 6438 4410

you learn something new every day

Cheesecake isn’t a modern American invention but dates back a few thousand years to ancient Greece (read more here, here and here)!

you learn something new every day

Recently found out what wassail (mmm sounds delicious) and wassailing are.


Never underestimate the joy of biting into a whole sweet juicy mango! :D

don’t hold the mayo!

When I was in secondary school and junior college, we were made to read Newsweek as part of some reading programme. Somehow, out of the thousands of articles that my brain processed, this is the only one that stands out in my mind after all these years. (Naturally I quickly located a copy online and reproduce it for posterity below.) Probably because I’m quite a fan of mayo (especially Japanese) myself!


Don’t Hold The Mayo!

Kouji Nakamura mixes a cocktail in his shaker, squeezes a bit of mayonnaise into it, gives it a good shake and voila! “This is mayogarita,” he declares, putting down a glass of milky white stuff that smells like vinegar. Next he concocts a “mayoty dog,” which is like a salty dog–vodka and grapefruit juice–with the rim of the glass coated in mayo instead of salt. If that makes you flinch, wait until dinner arrives: a pot of mayonnaise fondue, followed by a plate of chopped celery and octopus swimming in tomato and mayonnaise sauce. At the next table, a young couple slices a big, mayo-filled pizza. It’s a typical Saturday night at Mayonnaise Kitchen, Japan’s first mayo-themed restaurant. When Nakamura, 31, opened the eatery in a Tokyo suburb two summers ago, he recalls, “some said, ‘Who would come to a place that just serves mayonnaise?’ ” Plenty of people, as it turned out; Nakamura opened his second Tokyo restaurant last April.

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flipping prata

When it comes to prata, one egg and one kosong (plain) are usually just nice for me. And somehow they taste best with fish curry. Its sourness cuts through all those carbs and prevents one from feeling too jelak (satiated). Prata and curry…… possibly one of the best breakfasts you can get in this sunny little island!

you learn something new every day

The prongs of a fork are also called tines.

you learn something new every day

Traditionally, sugar plums are not a fruit, but a type of hard candy! (More info here, here and here!) That means the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker ballet is not a fairy of fruit, but that of confectionery!

crossing over

Spent the last couple of hours of 2015 at the Harry’s outlet (a raucous full house!) near my place with a younger friend, S, who also lives close by. We had prawn pizza, washed down with sparkling wine (me) and light beer (him). (My treat!)

They had turned the TV to MediaCorp’s ‘starstudded countdown show’, so when it got really close to midnight, the hosts started going, ‘Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six!’ Everyone else in the bar chanted in unison, ‘Five! Four! Three! Two! One! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!’ Cheers and clinking abounded.

Then colourful fireworks from the small-scale celebration a couple of roads away exploded into the night sky. Like many other patrons, we too rushed out to admire the sight.

A simple way to ring in the New Year……

you learn something new every day

Those little containers holding condiments, such as olive oil and balsamic vinegar, are called cruets!

flurry mcflurry

I tried a McFlurry for the very first time in my life this afternoon. (If I recall correctly, McDonald’s introduced introduced it here when I was in upper primary school.) They had a few special flavours, but I decided on their standard Oreo McFlurry. The ice cream was light and airy, and not very sweet. I wondered if they used the same ice cream as the one in their chocolate and strawberry sundaes, just with more air incorporated – but then perhaps not, since the McFlurry ice cream tasted a little different. And the crumbled Oreos added a nice crunch. In all, not too bad, but I’d rather waste my calories on other desserts instead!



Thursday’s child…… has far to go…… (for me, in all senses of the phrase, I think!)

Was born on a Thursday, and my birthday is on a Thursday again this year, so…… :D

(Delicious salted caramel cake with pecans from Lynda Ann Cakes, located deep in the heartland of Bedok North Street 2. The bakery’s run by a secondary school senior of mine. Go check them out HERE!)

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