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home again

Just got home from Hong Kong with SEVEN kilograms of snacks in my hand luggage!


leaving on a… coach

Off to Malacca via bus early tomorrow morning! The last time I went overseas was to Phuket in November 2013, so I’ll be travelling abroad for the first time in more than three years! Quite excited!

leaving on a jet plane

Off to a well deserved (I guess……) six-day holiday to Bali tomorrow! It will be my first holiday since I started working in my first ever job in December 2010!

luggage, luggage and more luggage

On Saturday evening, I bussed down to the Singapore Expo (which I hadn’t been to since a dinner in late 2006) to check out the John Little Mega Expo Sale. There were a few other sales going on as well, so droves of bargain hunters had descended upon the Expo and there were tons of people crowded both outside and inside.

I turned left instead of right and ended up at the PC Show located at another hall. Decided I might as well go in and take a look. It was a madhouse: it was packed with people everywhere and the noise was simply deafening! After a while, I decided to leave for the John Little sale.

(This was not the first electronics trade fair that I have ever been to, but the first Expo sale I’ve visited proper. Years back, I persuaded my mum to take me to a food fair at the Expo, but when we arrived at the entrance, the sea of visitors scared us witless and so we beat a hasty retreat without even entering.)

Walked all the way back down to the John Little sale. There were far fewer people, and it was relatively quiet, just like the MPH Book Sale right next door. A complete oasis compared to the chaos at the other end!

I immediately made a beeline for the luggage section. There were only a few brands on sale. Tried a few pieces, and found them somewhat flimsy, especially the retractable handles. Pretty colours, though. Left slightly disappointed.

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back from vietnam

So glad to be home!

And unpacking is just as bad as packing!

leaving on a jet plane

When I was younger I loved getting window seats in airplanes so that I could look out whenever I wanted and enjoy the scenery. Now that I am older, I prefer aisle seats so that I can get in and get out easily. :)

However one thing hasn’t changed – my love for airplane food. As long as it is not too inedible, I’ll finish everything! ;)

Oh and I’m leaving for Vietnam tomorrow morning for work. Will be back on Sunday evening! :D

instant millionaire

Just went to a money changer to change $150 into Vietnamese currency, and the uncle gave me 2 430 000 dong. Yes, that’s 2.43 million dong. Instant millionaire! :D

city of angels

Off to Bangkok this afternoon for a staff retreat, back on Sunday evening!!! :D

pearl of the orient seas

Just came back from a 2.5 day business trip in the Philippines!!!

home again

Back from the staff retreat in Bangkok!


Work tomorrow (sigh), so good night everyone!

city of angels

Off to Bangkok for a staff retreat this weekend!!!

japan trip day 1: getting there

Our flight, DL 280, was scheduled for takeoff at 5.45 am, but all three of us got to the airport shortly after midnight.


j is for japan

Off to the Land of the Rising Sun for the next two weeks or so!

We’ll be staying at a farm at Nagano before going to Tokyo.

Some photos from our farm host’s profile, for your viewing pleasure:



Apple blossoms!

Peach blossoms!

photos from my host’s profile here



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