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said no woman ever

This is absolutely hilarious……

“I have enough jewelleries, I don’t need to go shopping.” Said NO woman ever.

DAVE fine jewellery @jewelsbydave, 5 July 2013


with hopefully many more to come

There was some sort sort of sale at Tangs on Thursday, so I went down to check out their Orchard Road branch, and got something that I’d been eyeing for the longest time…… THIS!!!


It’s a long necklace sprinkled with  green onyx, pink amethyst, prehnite and prasiolite from local label Dave Fine Jewellery. Isn’t it lovely? It was 15% off, so I finally decided to buy it. My very first piece of fine jewellery, with hopefully many more to come!!! :D

No more cheapo costume jewellery made of lousy materials for me anymore! (Although I’d make an exception for costume jewellery of good quality, like Saint Laurent’s Arty rings!) From now onwards I will save for the real thing!!! :D

those golden days

My ex-jewellery company started off doing bespoke orders for private clients and only branched into ready-to-wear some time later. Anyway, a few months ago Boss (or Ex-boss :P) announced that our sales from ready-to-wear had outstripped sales from bespoke orders. And on my last day, she said that sales from ready-to-wear had increased tremendously since I joined the company. :D

One last look at our jewellery placed at our stockists!

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speak of the devil

Spent the afternoon at all four of our stockists, taking photos of our jewellery and saying my final farewells.

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jade, kueh and tea

Attended Jade + Kueh + Tea = Party! held two Sundays ago (5 Sept) at this Somerset condo owned by one of Boss’ best friends.

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what is real

Went to this jeweller’s at Lucky Plaza last Friday afternoon to pick up some jewellery I had sent for replating. They look as good as new! :)

They also happen to sell replicas of Chanel interlocking Cs jewellery so I asked them how much the pair of interlocking C‘s ear studs cost. The replica studs are about half the size of the genuine Chanel studs (JJ bought a pair some time ago), but cost $350, $150 more than the Chanel ones. This is because the replicas are made of gold and diamonds, whereas the Chanel ones are made of a cheaper metal and crystals.

I was pondering this and suddenly realized: the real shop sells fakes, and the fake shop sells reals! Which amused me greatly.



finally friday

Today was a bad day to go down to town! Most, if not all, schools had half day, so the streets were full of little children running amok.

Hui Lin wanted to borrow a purse from me for a friend’s wedding, so I asked her to meet me at Tangs Orchard as I was working there.

When she saw what I had clipped onto my top, she exclaimed, ‘You have a supplier’s pass! How cool!’ :P

At the end of the day, I went to Lucky Plaza to check out this jeweller who does repairs. Was leaving the building when I caught sight of a couple of pearl necklaces at Taka Jewellery.

Asked a sales assistant for the price of the one with the largest pearls. He opened the display cabinet and told me the price. I thanked him and started walking off. He immediately went to a calculator and informed me that the price was before discount. And after discount? More than $2000.

I said okay, and wanted to make a move, but he asked me, ‘给你自己戴的?’ And I answered, ‘For fun!’ He immediately said, ‘For fun你应该买这种!’ and showed me some necklaces which were made of considerably smaller pearls and cost about $10 each (I think).

I replied, ‘But so small……’

‘如果是我,for fun我会买这样的,戴了可以丢掉!’



‘Too small lar……’


Very amusing really. Anyhow I’m not a person who would spend $10 on a throwaway accessory. :P

back to nature

After the pre-grad party last Friday, I hung around a bit in school cos it was raining heavily, before bussing (traffic jam!) and MRTing down to Tangs in Orchard.

The event, Back to Nature, was supposed to start at 7 pm, but I reached Tangs only at 7.30 pm. When I got to the area where event was being held, I was amazed to see a queue in front of the entrance, and there were already tons of people inside!

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