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paper and ink

A few weeks ago, I commenced Operation Clean Room, as one of my New Year resolutions is to clear my study. I didn’t think I could wipe out the whole room in a day, so I decided my strategy was to divide and conquer, attacking one corner at a time. Few days ago, I had fired the opening salvo by pulling out 50 kilograms of old magazines (the karung guni man who came by today thought it was more like 30 though). Today I targeted the stuff from my secondary school and junior college days. (Yes, I have documents dating back 16 years……) The battle is more than half won and I will continue the campaign in the next few days. The amount of paper and ink expended in ten years of education is frankly quite amazing! As I flipped through the pages and pages, I couldn’t help but reminisce about the past……


monday blues

This time next year, I hope I will have gotten a place to call my own. Onward forward!!!

one step at a time

On Friday night, I finally signed up for a Pinterest account, and immediately started adding photos of interior design to my various boards. I feel like I’ve gotten just a leeeetle bit closer to owning my dream home. :)

the very hungry caterpillars

About three more days to Chinese New Year, but my family has nearly finished our entire stash of festive goodies: pineapple tarts, cookies and our aunt’s cashew nuts! Only two pineapple tarts, a handful of love letters, and an unopened container of cookies are left…… oh and some bak kwa hidden deep in the freezer and safely away from the very hungry caterpillars!!! :D

galloping into the year of the horse


Happy Chinese New Year from me and my flower arrangements!!! :D

Made them for my home…… aren’t they sweet? Simply love the colour scheme! :D

Arrangements: (from left) mini kumquats, red cockscomb and pink carnations;  purple hydrangea; and pink roses, purple eustomas and some greenery and berries……

Flowers: Tiong Bahru Market and Candy Floriculture (with a couple of items salvaged from what I made during my flower arrangement class  by Wonderland for Detailed Planners last Sunday, 26 January)……

Vases: Sia Huat (left and middle; they’re actually large drinkware) and Ikea (right)……

Special thanks to colleagues G and L, and friend M, for braving the madding crowds with me to purchase the flowers on Wednesday and yesterday respectively!!!

a breath of fresh air

Somehow, the haze dissipated and the sky over here became quite clear, so we opened the windows to let in fresh air! :)


I came home late last night to find that a new air-conditioner had been installed in my bedroom. Ah, cool cool bliss! :D

the unbearable feeling of heat

Yesterday, the air-con nearest my workspace was malfunctioning, the air-con in my bedroom was malfunctioning…… and so I suffered from overheating the entire day. :(

Know what kind of problem this is? You guessed it:








It’s 1.22 am, they’re continuing preparations for the second day of a Malay wedding at our void deck (I think it was the first day yesterday), and the smells emanating from downstairs are absolutely heavenly……

I think I can detect curry chicken……

the lizard who lives outside my window

Oh my!

The lizard startled me when it popped out from behind my desk once again – and missed the insect by a whisker.

Then he ran back behind my desk.

He peeked out a little just now.

I think my presence is disturbing him, so I’m off to bed.

I hope he does not go hungry tonight!

the lizard who lives outside my window

Five minutes ago, I noticed that the relatively large lizard (tan with a grey ‘www’ pattern), that lives on the ledge outside my window, emerged from behind my desk onto the wall.

(He always sneaks through my window when he thinks I don’t notice, but I often catch sight of him from the corner of my eye.)

Then I noticed an insect flutter just out of his reach.

Poor thing! He’ll have to go hungry tonight!

Then he noticed me observing him, and scuttled back behind my desk.

you are looking into my brain

Apparently nobody else wanted them, so my dad inherited my late grandma’s vintage furniture.

And so I gained a new wardrobe.  Cleared my old one and passed it to my brother, whose stuff was previously in piles all over the place.  Put all my clothes and bags in my new old wardrobe, and voila!

My colour-coordinated wardrobe, 4 August 2011.

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Last minute preparations are ongoing.

Was tasked to decorate pineapple plants with bits of pipe cleaner:

Girly colours for 观音娘娘 and something less so for 土地公!


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