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when love does more harm than good

I thought this was a rather meaningful piece!

When love does more harm than good
In trying to shield my children from hurt and rejection, I sometimes end up discouraging them from giving things a shot
By Tee Hun Ching

It was a week before the food and fun fair at our church, and my son was brimming with excitement.

“What can we sell?” he kept asking.

“Nothing,” I replied for the umpteenth time.

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primary school leaving examination again

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Education announced that it will stop releasing information on top performers in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) and all national examinations, presumably in an attempt to reduce academic pressures on students.

Then the PSLE results were released yesterday. Media reports were somewhat muted, at least in the Straits Times (which carried a couple of reports on students who have done well both in academics and co-curricular activities today).

Personally, I have no idea whether this is a step in a right direction. However, I question the wisdom of this decision.

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