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cooling-off day

This afternoon, I finally concluded that I should volunteer to be a counting agent at Polling Day tomorrow. It was a pretty last minute decision! (When I told my friends SY and Daph via Whatsapp, the former replied, ‘Thanks for contributing to our democracy’.) Quickly dropped NSP an email, and a couple of hours later, they replied and asked me to come down to their office anytime from then.

So earlier this evening, I bussed down to their headquarters to sign up. Had to wait more than an hour for their lawyer to come back because he had apparently gone to Macpherson for something. He was so cute! After I had finally sworn my oath, I asked, ‘Are you doing this pro bono?’ And he responded, ‘Yes, and so are you!’ I gave him a slightly sad look :( and said, ‘But I’m not a lawyer!’ He smiled in reply.



Being the main person in charge of my company’s Facebook account, I am able to see what a lot of our doctor members share. Noticed a paediatrician post this earlier today:

Me: “How old are you?”
Little boy: “I am not old.”

How cute is that!!! :D

red packets

Well wishes from friend Gabriel via Facebook a week ago on 19 February:
May you find a husband and give me red Packets next year
Haha so sweet! :)

jack and jill

On 29 January, my friend K wrote this on his Facebook wall:

Nangka is jackfruit.
Chempedak is _________ ?

Naturally, I replied, ‘jillfruit!!! :P’

forever 21

Kang Hao, Ming Zhen and I decided to watch Into the Woods at Filmgarde in Bugis+ this afternoon. I volunteered to go slightly earlier to purchase tickets, but alas, when it was my turn, only front row seats were left.

So I quickly decided to switch to Birdman. However, it just so happened that it was rated M18, and the young Malay woman at the box office absolutely, obstinately and steadfastly refused to sell me the tickets until all my friends were present and could show her IDs. Goodness! In any case, we’re all almost a decade past 18! So I guess that’s saying something! :D

As for Birdman, I went into the cinema not knowing what to expect. The film was about a washed-up movie star who wanted to stage a comeback by directing and acting in a Broadway production, and he tensions between members of the crew. There were lighthearted moments, but it was not a comedy. To complicate matters, what was shown on screen was often not what it really seemed. Very postmodern and meta. Overall, I thought it was a bit too highbrow for my plebeian tastes, though I still can’t decide whether I like it or not!

aloha anaphora

One of my friends, B, who teaches at a top secondary school, posted this on Facebook on 6 January:

exasperatedly, I asked my class how come they’ve forgotten so many of the rhetorical devices we’ve taught them almost every year for three years now:

“Remember metaphors? Anaphora?”

Boy: “Huh? I only know Sephora.”

(Incidentally, while I did learn about metaphors in secondary school, I only learnt about anaphora in university……!)

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biscuit versus cookie

Once upon a time, I was tucking into fried chicken at Popeyes, when I heard a teenaged boy at a neighbouring table proclaim, to his friend, something to the effect of, ‘So dumb for them to call these biscuits!’ He was, of course, referring to those light fluffy things that Popeyes serves with their meals (which we Singaporeans would probably call scones).

On hearing that, I could not help but marvel at his ignorance. Did he not know different things could share the same name in different places? Or that the same thing could have different names in different places?

Much later, I came across this interesting article which discusses the meanings of biscuit and cookie in British English and American English respectively.

In my book, a biscuit is thinner and crisper, and often served unadorned, whereas a cookie is chunkier and chewier, and often contains something extra (like chocolate chips). In that respect, my definitions are closer to the British English ones!

forever 21

So I finally took the day off and hauled myself down to Phillip Investor Centre in Raffles City to set up a trading account this afternoon. The relationship manager attending to me was an older man. He handed me a whole ton of forms to fill up. I was filling one in, and hesitated slightly over ‘name of employer’. So he said, ‘No need to write current employer if you’re still a student.’ Barely stifling a chuckle, I replied, ‘Oh, I am not a student!’ And promptly wrote my company’s name and address down. :)

forever 21

I had just left the office for lunch today when I bumped into our new temporary receptionist, HZ, who just graduated from Victoria Junior College last year and is waiting to enter national service.

He suddenly asked me, ‘How old are you?’

I replied, ‘You guess!’


‘I’m 26!’ (Well, almost, anyway.)


‘Do I really look 19?’

‘Yes you look like you just graduated from JC!’

Hahahahahaha YAY!!! :D

just like heaven

Snippet of a Whatsapp conversation with Daphne last night/this morning……

Me: [on Catholic Mass, which I attended one Christmas] Their choir singing sounds like those angels in heaven after u died

Daphne: How u know
We all no die before mah

Me: Oh the movie[s] said so

taking a step back

Spotted on Whatsapp this afternoon……

Sze Yong: 退一步,海阔天空

Daphne: 退一步,掉进垄沟

Sze Yong: Your one much better; you win *horrified scream emoji*


hokkien clams

A snippet of a conversation with Daphne on Whatsapp this morning……

Daphne: Me and some p2 [Primary 2] parents chitchating abt schools and clans.. I typo and ask how to join hokkien clams

Me: *thumbs up emoji* good one

Daphne: Lol

Me: I join cantonese oysters

And there are also the Teochew mussels and Hainanese scallops too, I suppose……

emeritus pope

So the Pope is resigning due to age and declining health – news that has greatly astounded the world. Whoever knew that a pope could resign?! And indeed, Benedict XVI is the first pope to resign in 600 years (since Gregory XII in 1415).

The Vatican has just announced that Benedict XVI will be known as ’emeritus pope’ in his retirement and will continue to wear a white cassock. Which amused me greatly, as it was strangely reminiscent of  an official called the Emeritus Senior Minister in another tiny country half the globe away.

As Dr NFA aptly put in a Facebook update on her wall today: ‘So the world will soon have an Emeritus Pope. Who will wear white. Clearly, the Vatican City has studied best practices at another small city-state.’


boy boy

Ordered lunch from Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice near Tiong Bahru Market. Pork chops with curry gravy, luncheon meat with potatoes and curry vegetables.

After I had paid, the boss uncle said, ‘你没有带你的 boy boy 来吃?’

I gave him a sad face and replied, ‘我 single!’

And the uncle responded, ‘No need husband, boyfriend also can!’


you want sexy?

Ordered lunch from Thai Lion Kitchen in Tiong Bahru Market today. Chicken basil rice with two fried eggs – without the rice. The stall auntie, who is Thai, looked very amused, and said, ‘You no eat rice? You want sexy?’

HAHAHAHAHAHA how cute is that!!! :D

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