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you learn something new every day

Recently read this very lovely photo essay of a very special family:


In it, I encountered the term spraint, which of course simply means ‘otter dung‘. And checking out this new word made me wonder if every type of animal droppings has its own name?


lazy cat




(This is a cat I often see snoozing on a bench near my block, when I walk to the MRT every morning.)

larger than life


Spotted this gigantic pineapple hanging at a pasar malam stall earlier this evening. Since Chinese New Year is coming, everyone, HUAT AH!!!!!! :D


081012 8

I passed this three-legged stool abandoned in a corner of a neighbouring block on my way to the MRT station, and couldn’t help but wonder, how did it come to be?

you learn something new every day

Was reading the Straits Times some time ago when I came across this page which carried two reports on the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands dispute. But what piqued my interest was actually the photograph accompanying the articles……

The Straits Times, 12 September 2012, page A6

When I first saw this photo, I immediately noticed the placard that the protestors on the right were holding. It bore four Chinese characters, all of which contained the ‘鬼’ (ghost) radical. I had never seen those four words in my life, and so immediately went to online Chinese dictionary nciku to check them out.

It turned out that these four words, 魑魅魍魉, are actually pronounced ‘chī mèi wǎng liǎng’. According to nciku, the four words are actually a ‘[g]eneral term for devils; figuratively: all kinds of evil people’. Interesting!

The next thing I noticed about this photo is that it is very tightly framed, and it is difficult to count how many protestors there actually were. For a moment, I wondered if it was a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the true number of protestors for whatever reasons! :P

scenes from my sister’s commencement

Scenes from my sister’s Commencement last Saturday, all captured by yours truly……

Before I went to bed on Friday night……

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harper’s bazaar: greatest hits

Bazaar editor in chief picks mag’s ‘Greatest Hits’

Samantha Chritchell, AP Fashion Writer

NEW YORK (AP) — As editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, Glenda Bailey has seen some pretty fantastic things — “epic moments,” she calls them.

In her 10 years at the helm of the magazine, she has overseen fancy photo shoots with A-list stars, insider moments with top designers and the times the magazine hits the zeitgeist just right. Bailey highlights many of them in a new book about her decade in charge, “Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits,” and in an interview with The Associated Press, she listed her favorites:

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a pop of colour

Mannequins in Zara, Great World City, 18 May 2011.

I have that skirt in pink! And those blouses? I have them in white, pink and orange! ;)

behind the scenes

Sister, with Mum’s help, made pineapple tarts and peanut cookies last Saturday.

Photos from behind the scenes!

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paperweights for pork lovers

This is a stall selling ‘meat stones’ in the Confucius Cemetery and Temple in Qufu, Shandong, China. Taken by Gabriel on his recent travels in northern China. Thanks G!

seeing a world in a grain

what is this?

incredible iceland

Just wanted to share these with everyone……

Click for more amazing!!!


Sunset over the park in front of my block, November 3 2010.

maf ’10!

Thanks to my detour for dinner, I missed my grand-to-the-nth-degree-juniors’ lion dance performance at my JC’s Mid-Autumn Festival on 11 September, for the first time in seven years! (Yes I’ve been to every single MAF since J1 (2004).) But I didn’t really beat myself up for missing it, haha.

more than a month late but better late than never! :P

scenes from the central


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