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the insidious reach of facebook

On Thursday, I went shopping at Orchard Road. Was at Ion Orchard when I spotted a list of newly opened stores, including British jewellery brand Monica Vinader, which I eventually went to check out.

The next day, I noticed that Facebook suggested I like Monica Vinader’s page! H0w on earth did they know I’d been there just the day before?! This brand recently came to our shores a few months ago, and is somehow currently trending, so Facebook’s brilliant algorithm automatically proposed its page to all the people who fit its potential customer profile, and the fact that I had just visited its boutique was just a coincidence…… But still! How scary is the insidious reach of Facebook!


said no woman ever

This is absolutely hilarious……

“I have enough jewelleries, I don’t need to go shopping.” Said NO woman ever.

DAVE fine jewellery @jewelsbydave, 5 July 2013

luggage, luggage and more luggage

On Saturday evening, I bussed down to the Singapore Expo (which I hadn’t been to since a dinner in late 2006) to check out the John Little Mega Expo Sale. There were a few other sales going on as well, so droves of bargain hunters had descended upon the Expo and there were tons of people crowded both outside and inside.

I turned left instead of right and ended up at the PC Show located at another hall. Decided I might as well go in and take a look. It was a madhouse: it was packed with people everywhere and the noise was simply deafening! After a while, I decided to leave for the John Little sale.

(This was not the first electronics trade fair that I have ever been to, but the first Expo sale I’ve visited proper. Years back, I persuaded my mum to take me to a food fair at the Expo, but when we arrived at the entrance, the sea of visitors scared us witless and so we beat a hasty retreat without even entering.)

Walked all the way back down to the John Little sale. There were far fewer people, and it was relatively quiet, just like the MPH Book Sale right next door. A complete oasis compared to the chaos at the other end!

I immediately made a beeline for the luggage section. There were only a few brands on sale. Tried a few pieces, and found them somewhat flimsy, especially the retractable handles. Pretty colours, though. Left slightly disappointed.

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with hopefully many more to come

There was some sort sort of sale at Tangs on Thursday, so I went down to check out their Orchard Road branch, and got something that I’d been eyeing for the longest time…… THIS!!!


It’s a long necklace sprinkled with  green onyx, pink amethyst, prehnite and prasiolite from local label Dave Fine Jewellery. Isn’t it lovely? It was 15% off, so I finally decided to buy it. My very first piece of fine jewellery, with hopefully many more to come!!! :D

No more cheapo costume jewellery made of lousy materials for me anymore! (Although I’d make an exception for costume jewellery of good quality, like Saint Laurent’s Arty rings!) From now onwards I will save for the real thing!!! :D

special requirements

From a job opening for a sales and marketing manager, posted on Reebonz’s website……


  • Smart – so as to outwit villains (i.e. Competitors)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sales & Marketing or related field
  • Supersonic Speed – ability to think & work fast
  • Create a Storm – developing out-of-the-box ideas
  • Hawk Eye – an eye for detail
  • Bionic Ears – to hear what the customer really wants
  • Banshee Voice – to articulate well in English

How amusing! :)

close of the year

Going to do a quick round up of the year, since brevity is the soul of wit……

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blue is the colour of dreams

So the annual Club 21 Bazaar Sale returned last weekend at the F1 Pit Building. Had read that there were lotsa fabulous buys on offer, and had never been to one of their sales before,  so I decided that I had to go. So on Saturday, after a work event, I made my way down to the sale (alone, because nobody else was free or interested).

Took a large transparent plastic shopping bag from a staff at the door, walked in, and realized I had entered a complete war zone!!!

The gigantic room was filled with racks and racks and racks of clothes, shoes and accessories, all organized by label. And there were people and people and more people everywhere, and everyone was grabbing stuff (mostly ‘cheaper’ items from Armani, Calvin Klein and DKNY, etc) like everything was free. (No changing rooms were provided, so shoppers (mainly female) tried on things in the nooks and crannies of the room.)  Naturally, it was a madhouse.

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有朋自远方来 不亦乐乎

Took the afternoon off today and went down to the alldressedup head office in Ubi for their bazaar sales. Alas, everything I had wanted to buy were sold out! :(

Anyway, there was a designer bag sale going on in the same building downstairs, so decided to stop by and take a look before leaving.

When I walked past one of the displays of bags, I thought I spotted someone familiar behind the table. It was a guy with black hair speckled with white. Could it be……? Naturally I turned and went back and approached him.

And he recognized me immediately! It was Meng Yong, my ex-designer! When I joined my company, he was the outsourced designer of my department’s publication. He left his company a few months later. And now he designs for this company which sells designer bags! I had added him on Facebook eons ago, and he reads my blog from time to time, but we had never met personally until today!

Meng Yong, if you are reading this…… a big HELLO!!! *waves madly* It was a great pleasure meeting you today!!! :D

the solitary diner

Took today off to recover from Saturday’s Convention. Decided to destress via retail therapy. But first, lunch! Decided on Ma Maison in Millenia Walk.

Sauces for my food: a pitcher of wafu dressing for my salad, and rock salt and a lacquer container of thick savoury dark sauce for my meat.

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an exciting encounter

Last Friday was the third and last day of the alldressedup warehouse sale at their office in Ubi, and it was supposed to end at 7 pm, so I took the afternoon off. Made my way down there hoping that there were still nice things to buy. (The first and only previous time I went to their warehouse sales was in March 2010.)

The sale took up two rooms. The outer room was mainly accessories, shoes, bags, and a couple of racks of clothes, and the inner room was just clothes, clothes and more clothes. Only a few customers were there.

The range of accessories was rather limited and one of the staff there (a girl about my age) informed me that they had been pretty much sold out on the first day of the sale, which had been quite crowded. Felt a tinge of disappointment, as I’d been hoping to score some of those unusual Vice & Vanity for alldressedup accessories (scroll to the end) from spring last year. Note to self: no pain no gain – gotta brave the crowds for the best stuff! :P

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sweet teeth

Colleague D wanted to get a present for a friend and asked me to go with her after work yesterday.  Her friend likes Hello Kitty and has an iPhone, so we ended up in this nook in the toy section on the third floor of Takashimaya, which sold anything and everything related to Hello Kitty. And D picked out a Hello Kitty iPhone cover for her friend.

Then we went for coffee at Starbucks in Wisma Atria. D treated me to coffee cos I accompanied her to shop. Haha.

My caramel frappuccino (foreground), and D’s java chocolate chip! (She also had a slice of cheesecake!)

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story of a bag

In my first couple of years in university, I realized that I was spending a pretty penny at Topshop, but somehow never spent enough in a single receipt ($150) to qualify for their membership programme. So I decided to see if anyone was interested in combining purchases. Asked around, and only Poppish Princess responded.

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you learn something new every day

The medical term for the compulsive desire to shop is oniomania.

Now we know!!! :D

three luxuries

Yesterday evening I had dinner at Mos Burger in Raffles City. Fish burger, fries and coke! Love the mayonnaise they use in their fish burgers. It’s extremely addictive; I swear they put crack in it.

After that went window shopping. Passed Ode to Art, an art gallery, and saw that it had a few small Dali sculptures in the window, so I went in.

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in good taste

So after visiting the Dali exhibition, Ahgong and I went shopping at Marina Bay Sands! We checked out many of the designer stores. Then Ahgong declared that he wanted to get a watch, so we went into Watch Station International to take a look.

Once inside, Ahgong immediately made a beeline for the Marc by Marc Jacobs (MBMJ) cabinet. Earlier, he had told me that he really liked Marc Jacobs’ designs, and I was !!!!!! because straight guys usually know nothing of designers plus Marc Jacobs isn’t exactly the most prolific one around.

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