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Today’s Yuanxiao Festival, which marks the 15th and last day of the Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration period. It is a tradition to eat tangyuan on this day, I popped into the nearby Mr Bean outlet on my way home, and bought three bowls of tangyuan (only those with peanut filling were left) in soya bean milk home for the family. Everyone enjoyed the dessert tremendously! As did I! But most of all, I can’t believe CNY is over! Definitely need to find some other New Years to make a big fuss of!!! :D



eastern health alliance

Eastern Health Alliance – now that’s a name straight out of a martial arts novel (translated into English, of course)!

Incidentally, they are called 东部医疗联盟 in Chinese, which (in my opinion) sounds a little way too modern to be a term that could be possibly used in a wuxia story…… :P

and love the wind and rain

It’s 11.44 am, I’m sitting at my table, and there is a humongous storm going on. I can hear the rain pouring, wind howling and thunder rumbling. It’s an absolute adventure out there! Too bad I’m stuck at work!



My birthday cake, a Mont Blanc cake from Patisserie Glace in Republic Plaza……

‘Z’ because it’s the 26th letter in the English alphabet…… :)

My brother asked if I’ll have ‘1’ on my cake next year as numbers come after letters…… well, probably not, but I’ll have a whole year to think about what to write……

And yes, it was rich and creamy and delicious too…… :D

praying for rain

Currently chanting this:

天灵灵 地灵灵 风凛凛 雨淋淋……

you learn something new every day


image from here

Why do moles grow hair?

A few days ago, I was on the train home when I noticed this uncle standing a few metres away from me. On one of his forearms was a large, okay gigantic, black mole, which had sprouted a bunch of thick black hair. (HAHA don’t even ask me why I notice such things! :X)

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how i choose my handphones

I realized some of my friends actually research phones whenever it’s time to get new ones. As for me, I’ve never done that ever.

I just use and use and use my phones for years. (Got my first phone in upper secondary – it was a Panasonic GD75 and shared with my sister. Since then I’ve had a Sony Ericsson K700 and a Nokia 5320 XpressMusic, and I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830. (What were the phones you’ve had?)  That works out to be approximately one phone every 2.5 years, which does seem like an eternity in this fast-paced age.) When they’ve become really cui, it’s time to change phones!

Without doing any prior research, I just go to the SingTel store, change my plan and see which phones I can get for the least amount of money, or better still, free! Then I choose the nicest one. LOL. Clearly, I’m not a techie person!

But I suppose this method works for me as I’m not fussy about phones. As long as they have all the essential basic functions, I’m good to go!

christmas again

Attended my technically first ever Christmas party with friends (since previous years were usually extended family get-togethers) today! It was a modest affair held at Daphne’s place. Other than Daphne’s family and me, the other guests were Sze Yong, and Daphne’s friends Conny and Patrick (a married couple in the photography business, how interesting)!

We enjoyed a simple spread of bee hoon, stir fried broccoli, curry chicken with french bread and neatly sliced store-bought roasted leg of lamb (wondered where the bone was until Daphne showed me that it was in the fridge, haha). I loved the fried chicken and ate six drumlets and one wing! :D

After Connie and Patrick left early, we watched a rerun of the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards, and entertained ourselves by commenting on every single details. Anyway, the big winner of the awards event was undeniably Psy.

Halfway through the show, we cut the one kg plus cake that I had lugged all the way there. It was a blackforest cake from Four Leaves! (Did not consider buying a log cake as I find such cakes very ‘chop carrot’ (ie, a ripoff)!)

In line with my vow made in July 2008 that every cake that I buy will always carry a quirky message, this cake did too! :D


Keep Calm and Christmas On!!!

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sweet teeth

Had a strange massive craving for a green tea latte today, but managed to suppress it while working. After work, took the train home, and then rushed to the nearby malls for my green tea fix.

First I tried the McCafe in the nearer mall, but they didn’t sell green tea lattes.

So I went to Starbucks, at the other end of the same mall, but the queue was horribly long so I gave up.

Finally I decided to walk all the way to Coffee Bean, located in the other mall. There was only a couple of people ahead of me. Finally, when it was my turn, I asked for a green tea latte. To my shock and horror, the staff told me that all the Coffee Bean outlets in Singapore had run out of green tea and new stocks would only be arriving the next day. WHAT!!!!!! How could that even be possible?! She offered to take down my name and number so she could call me when the green tea came in, but I declined, because I wouldn’t have a craving for it by then.

But since I had already made the trip there, I decided to get a caramel latte ($6.40). It was nice and cold, but it was not a green tea latte. I walked home feeling gastronomically unsatisfied. :(


This morning, Daphne told me via MSN: ‘eh i was looking a a youtube abt a girl showing how to force cleavage’, and I replied that she didn’t need it, haha!

Which reminded me that ‘太平公主‘ is used as a euphemism to describe females who are flat. And I realized that there isn’t an equivalent term for the bustier ones, so I quickly did a bit of googling and came up with…… *drum roll* ‘升平公主‘!!!

Obviously a 太平公主 can become a 升平公主, but those who are forever flat can then call themselves ‘长平公主‘! HAHAHA. :P


081012 8

I passed this three-legged stool abandoned in a corner of a neighbouring block on my way to the MRT station, and couldn’t help but wonder, how did it come to be?

dimsum dinner

Karen and I met in Chinatown for dinner on Wednesday, and walked around a bit before deciding to dine on dimsum at this small eatery called Tak Po.

We had……

Siew mai ($2.60)! The pork filling tasted a little weird. Perhaps the meat wasn’t fresh.

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pork chops

……or the lack of, really!

Lunched at Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice today, and didn’t order the pork chops which I always do.

The auntie asked me why I didn’t, and I told her that it was because I had tonkatsu yesterday. Then I whipped out my phone and showed her this photo, and told her, ‘跟你的一样,只是比较贵而已!’ (‘The same as yours, just more expensive!’) HAHA!!! :D

Anyway I was pretty hungry and had luncheon meat and potato cubes in tomato sauce (asked for very little potatoes), brinjals in soya sauce, and not one but two crispy fried eggs! As usual, an explosion of flavours and textures! :D

Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice
57 Eng Hoon Street
Tai Kwang Huat Coffee Shop
Singapore 160057
+65 6225 3762

my dream school

There’s this column in my paper which features an ongoing creative writing competition for pupils, and a different topic is set every week. Participants can either send in pure text or add illustrations to their stories. Was very amused when I saw one of the winning stories a few weeks ago……


But first, a translation!

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