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you learn something new every day

Recently edited an article about Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), or Doctors Without Borders. Was reading up about them on Wikipedia when I realized that their ‘Without Borders’ tag has actually spawned a whole non-governmental organization (NGO) naming convention. Look at the sheer number of NGOs Without Borders. Though, to be honest, I’ve only ever heard of MSF! :P


close of the year

Going to do a quick round up of the year, since brevity is the soul of wit……

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okonomiyaki power

After a quick breakfast this morning, I bussed down to Nee South South Community Club to join six fellow volunteers from their Youth Executive Committee to publicize our Kinect dance competition, PAYM Loves Red: Kinecting for Kidneys, which aims to raise funds for the Kidney Dialysis Foundation.

We walked around the area outside the CC, giving out flyers and introducing our event to those in our target group (youth, or those aged from 13 to 35). Perhaps it was too early on a Sunday morning (it was slightly before noon), but there were barely any young people around. After that, we walked over to Yishun Stadium and Yishun Sports Hall, but there weren’t many people there. So we MRTed down to Northpoint, where we had a better response.

We decided to have lunch at a Japanese food court called Ishi Mura in Northpoint! It has a few stalls selling various types of Japanese food, and I ordered this!

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